Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You are invited to witness what might be the most important meeting in history.

This is in regards to the theft of the United States 2004 Presidential Election. This meeting has been requested, a date has not yet been chosen.

By Paddy Shaffer

Ohio Election Justice Campaign

I am in the midst of planning a meeting with Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, and Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann. I have requested a three hour meeting, for which I plan to bring with me a group of speakers to each speak briefly on a topic, and then as a group we will discuss with Brunner and Dann, what is going to get done to investigate and prosecute those involved in the massive amount of documented election fraud in Ohio with an majority focus on 2004 (but not limited too, as the problems continue). We are waiting for confirmation that they will agree to meet and a date. We do not have a date for you today for this requested meeting.

I am inviting interested individuals and groups to attend as observers, and to help show their support to our goals being met. The Secretary of State and Attorney Generals offices are stalling on scheduling this meeting. Any help you can provide is appreciated.

Currently Brunner and Dann are doing little on this, and we cannot go into a third potential stolen Presidential Election with no accountability on what has happened. I think they need some positive encouragement, this is something the citizens want done, and prior to 2008. That leaves only a couple months. Please voice your opinion. If not now, with 2008 in a few months, when? Once 2008 is here, we could likely hear things like, it will be too disruptive to upset and change the Boards of Elections now, and "just get over it". Sorry folks, we should never get over it, not now, not in fifty years. We were intentionally robbed... and the robbers are still there collecting paychecks to run our unverifiable elections, for which we are taxed to pay them. To add to this, we now have more voting machines in Ohio than is 2004.

We have massive amounts of documentation in Ohio, thanks to the many citizen investigators, or which I am one. We want justice for Ohio and the nation. I also have documentation that the Attorney Generals office will do nothing in regards to 2004 election fraud issues. They put it in a letter to me that they will not investigate. I posted it in the letter entitled "An Open Letter To Lloyd Early, Director Of Special Investigations". 56 of Ohio's 88 Counties turned over partial or no ballots to the Secretary of State, which US District Court Judge ordered them to do, with the penalty of a fourth degree felony and a charge of contempt of court. Over one and a half federally protected ballots are gone. We have a massive number of counties with rigged recounts, and other crimes galore.

To understand some of the actual crimes committed, here is my research and what I am able to report on:

The documents from the Secretary of State relating to the destruction of over one and a half million Ohio 2004 ballots is at this website (it is a link halfway through the article):

To understand the significance of those ballots read "Shreds of Evidence" by Richard Hayes Phillips PhD at:

For an insiders look into how some of the Ohio BOE's view those of us who would dare to want to protect the 2004 ballots look at:

Jennifer Brunner has been repeatedly quoted in the press saying things like they didn't intentionally destroy ballots, which Judge Algenon Marbley ordered protected. These Ohio Boards of Elections destroyed over 1.6 million ballots. Well actually they did destroy those ballots on purpose, Warren and Fayette Counties wrote that they "intentionally destroyed" them in their letters of explanation I have asked to know why this is Jennifer's response, asked her to revise it, and I have gotten no response.

To read a condensed list of excuses look at:

Here in Ohio we had big, grand hopes that these new people were going to clean house and deal with these issues. Or were those just campaign promises?

I would like to speak to you about this, and include those of you in the meeting who would like to observe this important event in history, and to teach others about it. If you are interested, contact me. I'll have lots of documentation on my investigations up on this website soon. This is the site for Ohio native Sheri Myers, for her book "Cheated!". I donated a copy of "Cheated!" to Jennifer Brunner and to Doug Miller recently. Doug is the Manager of Security at the SOS office. He read the book in the room with Richard and I while we photographed the Clermont County stickered ballots. Doug said that many people had asked him about the history of how 2004 unfolded after the election. He seemed pleased to have the story in print, yet looked troubled by what he was reading. Doug did not know about "Sleepovers" (where the poll workers have the voting machines at their homes for several days) nor the 2004 Warren County Homeland Security Alert, Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips just learned that the Deputy Director knew was coming days in advance of the November 2, 2004 election. Something needs done about all this.

As you read those letters of explanation, remember... that for the counties that destroyed records in 60 days... that would be January 1, 2005. Those had a 22 month retention schedule. The Boxer Rebellion and the certification of the election were on January 6, 2005. This ought to make you mad! Again, read "Shreds of Evidence" to see why those records likely are now gone.

Below is my confirmed guest list of speakers and others that plan to attend. I hope all can make it, as the date is still unknown. I have provided the Ohio Secretary of State and the Ohio Attorney Generals Office with the bios for those persons for which I have received a bio, and the topics on which they will speak.

Guest list,

Paddy Shaffer, Bev Harris, Gary Flowers, Victoria Parks, Blair Bobier, Patricia Axelrod, Sheri Myers, Tim Kettler, Brad Friedman, Tim Carpenter, Richard Hayes Phillips PhD, Ken Karan, Adele Eisner, Paul Harmon, Paul Lehto, Peter Jones, Karla Van Bibbler

Lynn Landes - The Landes Report
Jon Craig - Cincinnati Enquirer
Evan Davis - Pacifica
Michael Collins - Scoop
Justin Jeffre - Cincinnati Beacon (publisher and writer)

Documentary Film Crews
1. Richard Ray Perez
2. Mary Beth Brangan and Jim Heddle
3. Matt Krous
4. Jeff Kirkby

Invited, monitoring issue, but not confirmed
Ian Urbana - NY Times

Guests to observe meeting
Mark Brown, Sherole Eaton, Marj Creech, Nudge Squidfish, Bill Buckel, Dan Stanton, Anita Rios, Jennifer Alexander

Supporting Organizations
Election Defense Alliance

Please let me know who would be interested in attending this very important meeting. No date is currently set. I will need a bio for anyone that is interested in coming.

Make it a Very Powerful Day,

Paddy Shaffer
Director, Artists Creating Justice
(614) 761-0621

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