Saturday, September 15, 2007

Team Building: Lend a Hand, Make History!

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

We are creating a network of activists and organizers who are passionate about righting the wrongs of Ohio 2004. Today Is September 14, 2007, only 108 days until 2008. Absentee voting for the Ohio
Presidential Primary begins in January 2008. Justice is needed to stop the future robbery of Ohio elections!
Public pressure needs to build very quickly, NOW. Money needs to be raised.

We are raising an army of volunteers all over the country to give an hour a day, a couple hours a week… Anything and everything is appreciated.
These positions need to be filled.

National Media Director to focus on print and television.
Oversee a team of people, working regionally.

Regional Media Directors
Where do you live? Will you contact the media in your area for us?
Your city’s TV and print, rural papers..

Ohio Media Director
Below is a link to Ohio Media to start.

PR Director to help set up radio interviews for Paddy Shaffer.

Ohio Election Justice spokespeople available for interviews, who will learn the background of this issue, and have another point of view or expertise from Paddy.

Budget/Event planner to put together an event cost analysis, so that we know exactly how much we need to raise, to create this historic meeting.
That budget should include travel for the speakers, lodging, printing, etc.
(For example, Congressman John Conyers told us that expenses for him and a staff person need to be covered. What would that cost?)

Fundraisers to point supporters across the country (and Europe?) to our website and to look for sponsorship with progressive groups and individuals.

Accountant familiar with Ohio law

Petition Posters
The petition form is written, and now needs to be posted everywhere.
Can you post it on your website? We will send it to you.

Other Skills
What are your skills, what else can you do to further this cause. Let us know.

Let’s gather millions of signatures of people asking for our Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, and Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to investigate, prosecute, and let the public follow it all in a transparent way.

Paddy Shaffer
Founder, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign (614) 761-0621
For more information: , the website for “CHEATED!”, a graphic novel about the 2004 election theft in Ohio.

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