Sunday, September 23, 2007

Contact your U.S Senators and Representatives

Have we had enough of election problems????
Sign these petitions below so our Reps. know we are not kidding anymore.
Meanwhile we collect more enditing evidence against those who have committed election felonies.

go to the congressional record
and contact all thes guys that voted against this stinking 2004 election (yes there is a lawsuit pending and people to be prosecuted thus no statute of limitations since there is pending justice)
Jan 6 2005

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Here is a timely request from Paddy Shaffer;

I have a bit of research that needs done, and wondered if any or all of you might want to help with it. Here is what I have in mind, let me and the others here know if you are interested. A couple others that have helped a lot with research, and I'll see if I can get a couple people working on this....

I want the names of all the House and Senate members that stood up and asked to have Ohio's 2004 election investigated in the afternoon on January 6, 2005. Both those who signed, and those who gave a speech in support of it. I was in the Senate Gallery watching the Senators speak, as were many others, some in The Ohio Election Justice Campaign.

I also want their speeches, and contact information. They are in the Congressional Record for that day.

This way they can be contacted, reminded of what they said, and asked to join and support the Ohio Election Justice Campaign. We will also ask that they assist us with encouraging both Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann to meet with our group and honor our requested 3 hour meeting, and the three requests we have made.

1. Listen to our speakers
2. Present their plan to investigate and do the needed legal prosecution of the 2004 election crimes and subsequent crimes.
3. Have dialoged with us about the plan and explain how the public will be able to follow the progress of the legal work to be certain that it is finally being conducted.

If you are able to set it all up that we can make it available on a link on the Link site, and Steve might also be willing to put it on his Link site. This way it will be easy for many people to utilize it as snail mail so these Congressional members receive it in paper form, or people can cut and paste and use it for our petition letter site, or other email correspondence. They can also be encouraged to share those speeches and their concern with others... and get the group support to grow. Even Hillary Clinton got up and spoke about Ohio's bad election. Barbara Boxer was the only one with enough strength to sign it from the Senate. The US House had about 31 members sign (as I remember, and I'm not certain that is right).

Talk to me, and talk to each other. With your help, can we get this done?

If we can get these members of Congress saturated with paper letters, email letters, phone calls, and get some responses coming back, maybe we can then turn some attention to the others like Marcy Kaptur, Ohio Democrat, US House, who voted to certify Ohio's election, and went to the Ukraine to investigate their election, but didn't look at her own state.

Make it a Powerful Day,

Paddy Shaffer
Founder, Ohio Election Justice Campaign
(614) 761-0621

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