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This Is The Nail IN The 2008 Election?


Posted on Wed, Sep. 26, 2007
Ohio, Florida laws could dampen Democratic voting Greg Gordon | McClatchy

last updated: September 26, 2007 07:19:57 PM

WASHINGTON — Ohio and Florida, which provided the decisive electoral votes
for President Bush's two razor-thin national election triumphs, have enacted
laws that election experts say will help Republicans impede
Democratic-leaning minorities from voting in 2008.

Backers of the new laws say they're aimed at curbing vote fraud. But the
statutes also could facilitate a controversial Republican tactic known as
``vote caging,'' which the GOP attempted in Ohio and Florida in 2004 before
public disclosures foiled the efforts, said Joseph Rich, a former Justice
Department voting rights chief in the Bush administration who's now with the
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.

Caging, used in the past to target poor minorities in heavily Democratic
precincts, entails sending mass mailings to certain voters and then using
the undelivered letters to compile lists of voters for eligibility

As the high-stakes ground war escalates heading into next year's elections,
Republicans have led the charge for an array of revisions to state voting
rights laws, especially in key battleground states. Republican political
appointees in the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division have endorsed
some of these measures.

Over the last three years, the Republican-controlled state legislatures in
Indiana, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have passed laws
requiring every voter to produce a photo identification card — measures that
civil rights groups contend were aimed at suppressing minority voting.

The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to consider a constitutional challenge to
Indiana's ID law on grounds that it unfairly affects poor and elderly
voters. Gubernatorial vetoes or court rulings have nullified legislation in
the other four states. A federal judge in Georgia, however, recently upheld
a new photo ID law that imposes fewer obstacles to obtaining one.

In Ohio, which swung the 2004 election to Bush, new Democratic Secretary of
State Jennifer Brunner said in a phone interview that an election law passed
last year and signed by former Republican Gov. Bob Taft effectively
``institutionalized'' vote caging.

The law requires that the state's 88 county election boards send
non-forwardable, pre-election notices to all 7.8 million registered Ohio
voters at least 60 days before the election. Undelivered letters are public
record, she said, meaning that effectively, ``now the counties are paying
for'' the data needed to compile challenge lists.

In addition, Brunner said, the law toughened voter ID requirements and
``took away rights of some voters to be heard about whether or not their
registration was valid.''

In the past, Ohio voters were entitled to an official notice and a hearing
before an election board could declare them ineligible, but the new law says
that the board can make that decision without notice. A disqualified voter
who shows up at the polls must demonstrate that he's fixed any eligibility
problem or opt for filing a provisional ballot that may not count.

Brunner said the new law has left her feeling ``like being in a sword fight
with one hand behind your back.'' She said she's sought, ``while working
within the framework of preventing fraud,'' to make it ``as easy as possible
for people who are eligible to participate.''

``We feel the eyes of the nation are on us, no matter what we do,'' Brunner

A 2005 Florida law, approved by the Justice Department under the Voting
Rights Act, stripped the state's 10.5 million registered voters of the right
to contest challenges at the polls. Now a challenger need only swear to a
"good faith belief" that a voter is ineligible to force the voter to file a
provisional ballot.

At the same time, the law reduces from three days to 48 hours the deadline
for challenged voters to produce evidence that they're eligible to vote in
their precincts.

Another Florida law imposed a $250 penalty on voter registration workers for
every registration application they fail to turn over to county registrars
within 10 days. After the League of Women Voters sued and a judge blocked
its implementation, the legislature cut the fine to $50 per infraction.

Sterling Ivey, a spokesman for Florida Republican Secretary of State Kurt
Browning, said there has been no sign of a large caging operation.

"We don't see a significant number of challenges of voters in Florida,'' he

But former voting rights chief Rich said Ohio's and Florida's new laws
``make one wonder whether there will be new efforts to have massive
challenges in the future.''

A federal court injunction has barred the Republican National Committee for
25 years from engaging in racially targeted vote caging, but it doesn't
extend to state parties.

Asked whether they might employ vote caging in 2008, Executive Director
Jason Mauk of the Ohio Republican Party and spokeswoman Erin VanSickle of
the Florida Republican Party said they couldn't discuss election strategy.

Chandler Davidson, a Rice University sociology professor who has studied
voter suppression, said the new laws are questionable because ``there has
been virtually no evidence presented that there has been wide-scale voter
fraud in the United States.''

Pointing to a Yale University study showing that mail is less likely to
reach residents of low-income neighborhoods, he said mass mailings of
non-forwardable mail will ``discriminate in a pretty straightforward way''
against poor people and minorities.

A study to be released Thursday by the liberal-leaning group Project Vote
noted that Minnesota — with bipartisan support — altered its election law in

The law prohibits political parties from bringing in challengers from out of
state and from using non-forwardable mail to compile challenge lists.

``The fundamental question,'' said Democratic Secretary of State Mark
Ritchie, ``is do you want to make sure everyone can vote, or do you want to
make sure some people can vote and other people have a harder time voting?''

McClatchy Newspapers 2007

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from Mark Crispin Miller Author of "Fooled Again"

Here is some amazing video: a very candid interview with Don Siegelman, who spoke to Julie Sigwart of Take Back the Media on Sept. 13, 2004--months before the Governor was finally put away on trumped-up charges by the Alabama GOP.

As he himself makes clear, Siegelman's ordeal began back in 2000, when he came out early on, and publicly, against the presidential bid of his fellow governor, George W. Bush, and backed Al Gore instead. It was a move that Karl Rove never did forget, and never would forgive, says Siegelman.

Rove's long drive to destroy the Alabama governor resulted in the theft of the 2002 election for Republican Bob Riley. Here Siegelman describes that theft--which took place primarily in Baldwin County--and also talks about his handling of that matter.

So far, the mainstream press coverage of Don Siegelman's ordeal has pointedly ignored the theft of the 2002 election. Clearly, Siegelman himself does not regard that theft as a side issue, but as a major crime, and one that is quite relevant to his whole story.

Today, the Alabama governor is not allowed to speak up on his own behalf. He's locked away inside a federal prison cell, and, for good measure, has been silenced by the Alabama courts. As Scott Horton has so aptly put it, Don Siegelman is the Man in the Iron Mask.

So let's do everything we can to get this interview played far and wide, so that his fellow citizens can finally hear him, and see him, talk about the criminal campaign against him.



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Rove investigator erases his PCs - to kill computer virus (not very likely)

Outside firm performs seven-level wipe
By Dan Goodin in San Francisco → More by this author
Published Saturday 1st December 2007 00:00 GMT
The Register Desktop Support Seminar . Live & Online 11th December (10am PST)
A US official overseeing a probe of former Bush aide Karl Rove has been called on the carpet after it was discovered he hired a private computer-help company to erase all the hard drives belonging to him and two deputies.

Special Counsel Scott J. Bloch bypassed his own agency's computer technicians and instead hired an outside firm to perform a seven-level wipe, all but guaranteeing the files could never be restored. Although the official said he contracted the work after suspecting his computer was infected by a virus, a manager with the private firm said a wipe that thorough is an unusual way to treat a malware infection. The receipt for the work performed makes no mention of a virus.

Bloch's office is investigating whether Rove and other White House officials improperly used government agencies to help re-elect Republicans running from Congressional seats. In turn, Bloch has been the subject of a White House-ordered probe into whether he improperly retaliated against whistle-blowers in his own staff and dismissed cases brought to his agency.

Following the revelation of the computer wipes, federal investigators have requested Bloch turn over copies of personal files that he saved to his America Online account before his hard disk was scrubbed. Bloch has refused, saying the data, which included medical information, messages to his personal attorney and pictures from his son's tours of duty in Iraq, don't involve his official work.

Bloch also says no documents relevant to any investigation have been purged. He has denied retaliating against whistle-blowers, characterizing the investigation, which began in 2005, as a "fishing expedition."

Coverage from the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post is available here and here. ®

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Fwd: Cleveland video on broken paper tapes and machine problems

Really great footage and coverage of Diebold hardware problems. 
I'm hoping soon the citizens will start to ask for their money back
from defective product they were sold.
Watch the video!  Jam printers, unreadable tapes, crashes.

Paulson said,"I think most people admit they bought the wrong system. You don't want to be a laughingstock because your equipment doesn't work.

Board chairman Jeff Hastings said, "It looks like a hardware issue, not a training issue. We need to go to the vendor and say we have a problem with your equipment. Why do we have a problem."

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The K-man Nov 15 for the bandwidth challenged

Transcript of Dennis Kucinich's comments during the Nov. 15 Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, sponsored by CNN and the University of Nevada:
Posted by Plain Dealer Staff November 16, 2007 15:14PM
During Thursday night's Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich got the spotlight for just about 8 1/2 minutes.

But, although Kucinich didn't get much air time, he got a lot of applause from the audience, particularly to his comments against the Iraqi War and his suggestion that President Bush be impeached.

Another big applause moment came when CNN moderator Wolf Blitzer noted that Kucinich was the only person on the stage who had a chance to vote on the Patriot Act right after 9/11 and that he voted against it.

"That's because I read it. " Kucinich note, as the audience roared.

Blitzer and CNN correspondents Campbell Brown, John Roberts and Suzanne Malveaux questioned the Democratic contenders.

Here's what Kucinich said, courtesy of CQ Transcripts, as the debate progressed:

BLITZER: I just want to go down the line and ask everyone, and then we're going to move on to the next question.

Just to be precise, because there was a little confusion thanks to (North Carolina) Senator (John) Edwards earlier in the week -- I just want to make sure I fully understand all of you Democrats.

Are you ready to commit, absolutely, positively that you will support the Democratic nominee, no matter who that nominee is? No ifs, ands or buts. ....

KUCINICH: Only if they oppose war as an instrument of policy.



On the issue of driver licenses for illegal immigrants (a question askd by Wolf Blitzer of several candidates)

BLITZER: Congressman Kucinich?

KUCINICH: I take issue with your description of people being illegal immigrants. There aren't any illegal human beings. That's number one.


KUCINICH: Number two, they are undocumented. I believe that the best way to do it -- thank you.


I believe the best way to deal with this is cancel NAFTA and renegotiate the trade agreement with Mexico.


BLITZER: Let me re-phrase the question, Congressman.

If undocumented people in this country should be able to get driver's licenses...

KUCINICH: You give people a path to legalization, and then they can be legal and have their driver's license. That's the way to work it.

BLITZER: What about in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform?

KUCINICH: You know what? You give people a path to legalization and you work to make sure that you don't criminalize their status any further. Again, I take exception to the way you framed that question.


BLITZER: We're talking about education right now, and I want I want to bring Congressman Kucinich in, because I know you're a strong supporter of the unions -- the teachers union, very powerful -- teachers unions, very powerful.

Are there any issues with unions -- teachers unions or other unions, for that matter -- with which you disagree?

KUCINICH: My father was a truck driver. He was a member of The Teamsters. I happen to be a member of the IATSE. I think that the trade -- that the union movement is essential to upholding human rights.

And I think that if we had trade agreements that had workers' rights in them, that would lift up conditions for workers in this country and in all countries.

KUCINICH: So I'm the candidate of workers in this -- this campaign because I've stood for jobs for all, full employment economy, health care for all, education for all.

And the fact of the matter is that a Kucinich administration will means a workers' White House. Right now wealth is being accelerated upwards, and I'm the one candidate in the race who comes right from the working class and can address those needs directly because I remember where I came from.


BLITZER: All right. I take it that the answer is there's nothing -- there's no issues, no major issues you disagree with America's unions.

KUCINICH: Well, you know, the Teamsters wanted to drill in Alaska. I voted against drilling in Alaska. So it's not like I'm a slam dunk on every issue.

BLITZER: All right.


KUCINICH: But I'm for working people. That's why I'm up here.


BLITZER: Congressman Kucinich, is the troop increase...


BLITZER: Is the troop increase, as General Petraeus has put forward over these past few months -- is it working?

KUCINICH: No. The occupation is fueling the insurgency. In 2003, I put forth a plan to get out of Iraq. I'm actually the only one on this stage who voted against the war...


... voted against funding the war, 100 percent of the time.


KUCINICH: And also who has a plan to bring the troops home. And they should be brought home now. And let me tell you something, the Democrats in Congress have not done the right thing for the American people. They should tell President Bush, we're not going to give you another dime. We're not putting a bill on the floor. Bring them home now.


Also, when you talked about Pakistan, you didn't get a chance to come to me on that question, but I want to point something out to you, Wolf. You cannot look at Pakistan and the destabilization that is occurring in many Muslim nations without understanding the role that our aggression against Iraq has played in contributing to that destabilization. So I am speaking about a new policy of strength through peace, no more unilateralism, no more preemption, no more first-strike, open-dialogue diplomacy, and adherence to international law.

BLITZER: Thank you, Congressman.


BROWN: Congressman Kucinich, we're approaching the holiday season right now and parents across the country are in a panic. They are rifling through their toy boxes. They are throwing things away because they are so worried that toys, that products coming from China right now are too dangerous for their children.

Do you believe that the people on this stage who voted to fully open trade relations with China bear some of the responsibility for what's going on right now?

KUCINICH: Well, of course they do, in the same way that people who voted for the war bear responsibility for what's going on.

KUCINICH: People who voted for the Patriot Act bear responsibility for what's going on.


People who voted for Yucca Mountain bear responsibility.

People have to take responsibility for their positions.

Now, let's talk about China trade. The fact of the matter is, Wolf, it was well known when China trade came up that China doesn't have environmental quality standards, doesn't have health standards, doesn't have workers' rights, doesn't permit people to form unions.

Now, everyone knew that. And for someone to come up afterwards -- and I think in the last < debate >, I think Hillary Clinton was criticized by John Edwards for some trade-related issue, but the fact of the matter is, John, you voted for China trade understanding that workers were going to be hurt.

Now, you're a trial lawyer, you knew better. I'm saying that it's important, really.


BLITZER: All right.

Senator Edwards, he made a specific reference to you.

KUCINICH: This is a fact, though. I mean, I'm not backing down from this. This is a fact. People have to take responsibility for their position.


BLITZER: Let's ask Senator Edwards to respond.

Was that vote a mistake?

EDWARDS: I'm not sure what I being a trial lawyer has to do with it, but -- wait, what my response is...

KUCINICH: Product liability.



EDWARDS: Cute, Dennis.


BLITZER: Congressman Kucinich, I believe you're the only person on this stage who had a chance to vote on the Patriot Act right after 9/11 who voted against it right away.

KUCINICH: That's because I read it.


BLITZER: Now, here's the question.


Here's the question. Here's the question. Here's the question.

Congressman, do you feel, as you felt on other issues, that those who voted for the Patriot Act, and there are several here on this stage, bear a responsibility for the way this individual, this American citizen is being treated when he goes through an airport?

KUCINICH: You're owed an apology, you really are. And every American should be able to present themselves without having to be further scrutinized based on ethnic identity.

But let's go back to the point that you made here. The time -- you know, the president of the United States is called upon to make the right decision at the right time. And you've seen here tonight people who voted for the war, voted to fund the war, now they have a different position. People voted for the Patriot Act. Now they have a different position. People voted for China trade. Now they have a different position. People who voted for Yucca Mountain. Now they had a different position.

Just imagine what it will be like to have a president of the United States who's right the first time. Just imagine.


And I don't think -- I don't think that the first questioner's question was really answered about what are you going to do about this president, and for that matter the vice president, because they're out of control, and Congress isn't doing anything.


BLITZER: Thank you. Thank you, Congressman.

KUCINICH: It's called impeachment and you don't wait.


You do it now. You don't wait.

BLITZER: All right. Suzanne has another question...

KUCINICH: Now. Impeach him now.


MALVEAUX: Governor Richardson, since you're the only one on this stage who does not support even building a fence, why don't you take this one?

KUCINICH: That's not true.

NEW MEXICO GOV.BILL RICHARDSON: By the way, Dennis, you keep -- stop including me in all these votes. I've been a governor. I'm in New Mexico. I'm not in Washington.


BLITZER: Let's go down the whole panel, and if you could give me a short yes or no, would you insist on a Supreme Court nominee supporting abortion?


KUCINICH: A Kucinich appointment to the Supreme Court would have a litmus test on abortion. It's a question of a woman's right to choose and a right to privacy.

But a president has to do more than that. A president has to be a healer. And this has been one of the great divides in our country. And so I want to let the American people know that I'll stand for prenatal care, postnatal care, child care, a living wage, universal health care, sex education, birth control...


BLITZER: All right.

KUCINICH: We can make abortions less necessary if we have a healer in the White House. And we can also protect a woman's right to choose. We can do both.

BLITZER: Thank you, Congressman.

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Top US Air Force official 'suicided' as Iran war nears

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that American War Leaders have ‘suicided’ one of their Top US Air Force Officials Charles D. Riechers as the rift growing between the US War Leaders and their Top Military Officers over a nuclear attack on Iran appears to be nearing open warfare.

According to Western propaganda media sources, Charles D. Riechers was ‘found dead of apparent suicide’ after coming under the scrutiny of the United States Senate for alleged payments being made to him by the Commonwealth Research Institute, whose parent company is Concurrent Technologies, and which is headed by the secretive Neocon financier of America’s top War Leaders, Daniel R. DeVos. [Note: Daniel R. DeVos frequently refers to himself by his middle name Richard and is not to be confused with the American billionaire Dick DeVos]

These reports to the Kremlin, however, state that Mr. Riechers’ ‘suicide’ was, most likely, due to his involvement in the American Neocon plot to secret US nuclear missiles outside of the control of the US Air Force to be used for an attack upon Iran, and which we had previously reported on in our September 20th report titled "American Spy Satellite Downed In Peru As US Nuclear Attack On Iran Thwarted".

Such is the chaos in the American Military Establishment over their War Leaders plans to attack Iran the US Military is said to be close to ‘open revolt’, according to these reports and as we can read as verified by German media sources:

"In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, the Amsterdam-based military historian Gabriel Kolko talks about the prospect of war with Iran and argues that many in the US military now view the White House as being 'out of control.'

So concerned with the American military calling their own War Leaders ‘out of control’, President Putin, currently on an official state visit to Iran, has ordered Russia’s Strategic Nuclear Bombers on ‘full alert’ and ordered them to begin World-Wide ‘exercises’ for the rest of the month of October.

To the depths of depravity that the United States has fallen to, no less than Americas most ‘trusted’ news source, The New York Times, this week compared themselves to last centuries Nazi Empire, and as we can read:

"Our humanity has been compromised by those who use Gestapo tactics in our war. The longer we stand idly by while they do so, the more we resemble those “good Germans” who professed ignorance of their own Gestapo. It’s up to us to wake up our somnambulant Congress to challenge administration policy every day. Let the war’s last supporters filibuster all night if they want to. There is nothing left to lose except whatever remains of our country’s good name."

In the madness of war and horrific destruction being visited upon the Muslim peoples of the World by the United States, and its dwindling allies, it is interesting, but sad, to note how far these once free people have fallen in barely 100 years from their truest ideas as a new war with Iran looms before them, and as we can read:

"As President Theodore Roosevelt said in his 1906 State of the Union address, "No man can take part in the torture of a human being without having his own moral nature permanently lowered."

© October 16, 2007 EU and US all rights reserved.

Nov. 2 Event at the State House, Columbus, Ohio

The date for this is Friday November 2, 2007 with two Columbus, Ohio events.

Mourning in the Mourning, Mourning at Noon...
11:30 a.m. Eulogy at the Statehouse, 56 High St., sidewalk at the McKinley Statue.
Noon - Funeral Procession starting at the Statehouse, proceed to Attorney General's office, Secretary of State office, and Franklin County Board of Elections office, then back to the Statehouse. Finish by approximately 1:30 p.m.
These three offices have been informed we are coming and would like to speak with someone as we arrive, preferably Secretary Brunner, Attorney General Dann, and Director Matt Damschroder. If they are not available, we look forward to someone from their staff briefly speaking with us. At each office, one or several voting stories will be told.

and Mourning in the Evening...
A Wake For Democracy... at Victorians Midnight Cafe
251 W. 5th Ave. (at Neil Ave.)
7:00 p.m.
Speakers and Music, Members of the Public with voting stories urged to come and share. Affidavits available to record voting stories.

Sponsored by the Ohio Election Justice Campaign.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oct, 2007 Columbus mayoral candidate linked to scandal

By Dr. Bob Fitrakis

Search on Todd in does not pan out.

Republican candidate for mayor of Columbus William Todd has direct ties to two controversial election organizations that are linked to the White House scandal surrounding the firing of U.S. attorneys.

Todd, an attorney at Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP, is challenging Columbus' first African American Mayor Michael Coleman in this fall's election. Between 1993 and 2006, Todd served as an attorney at Squire, Sanders & Dempsey whose website stated that, "Mr. Todd served as litigation counsel in these election matters for groups such as the Free Enterprise Coalition, the American Center for Voting Rights and the Ohio Republication Party."

The Free Enterprise Coalition (FEC) and the American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR) emerged as key players in the Bush administration's voter suppression plan in the 2004 presidential election. Financing from the FEC funded a racketeering charge against grassroots voter registration groups including the NAACP. The ACVR is widely regarded as a fake voting organization created to repress minority and poor voters in urban area while perpetuating the myth of "voter fraud" among Democratic voting blocks.

The Squire, Sanders & Dempsey website also showed Todd as general counsel for the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and its affiliated Citizens for a Strong Ohio (CSO). In 2005, the Ohio Election Commission fined the CSO for operating illegally as a Political Action Committee (PAC) and making illegal corporate expenditures to influence Ohio Supreme Court races.

The CSO was also linked directly to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In a legal complaint against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, election rights attorney Cliff Arnebeck exposed the fact that the Chamber had illegally moved $14 million in funds to Republican Supreme Court candidates between 2000-2004, to take over the highest court in Ohio. The role of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove and the Bush White House needs to be explored in more detail.

Brad Friedman of Bradblog, an expert on the ACVR, pointed out that Todd's connection to the ACVR would likely be enough to sink his candidacy. "Even the mainstream media is paying attention now," he said. It will be interesting to see if the Columbus Dispatch reports on Todd's connections to voter suppression groups and his ties to the U.S. attorney scandal.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Funeral For The 2004 Election


original from the Columbus Dispatch
Posted by James Nash, Statehouse reporter on October 10, 2007 11:38 AM

When a group of voter-rights activists holds a "funeral procession" to mark the three-year anniversary of the 2004 election that they believe was tainted, they'll be making a stop at the office of Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann.

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign, which alleges that President Bush won Ohio in 2004 because of numerous irregularities, is accusing Dann of failing to follow up on campaign promises to investigate problems in the balloting.

Specifically, the group points to video of Dann, a Democrat, addressing voter-rights activists at Columbus State University before last year's election for attorney general. In the video, Dann says he'll take seriously any evidence of improprieties in that election and even will convene a grand jury and bring charges if merited.

Dann seems to have changed his tune, said Paddy Shaffer, founder of the Ohio Election Justice Campaign.

"No one is being held accountable," she said. "How can you not speak to the public about something this serious? This is not a trivial matter -- this is the theft of a U.S. presidential election."

Dann spokesman Leo Jennings III said his boss never vowed to bring indictments or prosecute the overseers of the 2004 vote. Rather, the attorney general wants to look at lessons of that election cycle to ensure that the 2008 election is conducted with the utmost integrity, Jennings said.

"We're certainly going to look at what happened in '04 to see what needs to happen in '08," he said. "If we see something that needs to be brought to the attention of a prosecutor, or for us to handle under our powers, we'll do it. We don't have any (evidence) in front of us."

Shaffer said her group plans a funeral march on Nov. 2.

Posted by James Nash, Statehouse reporter on October 10, 2007 11:38 AM
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

Marc Dann, Attorney General, State of Ohio

Jennifer Brunner, Secretary of State, State of Ohio

Colleen Brown, Executive Assistant, Attorney General, State of Ohio

Chris Nance, Assistant Secretary of State, State of Ohio

Kellye Pinkleton, Voting Rights Institute, Office of the Secretary of State, State of Ohio

October 8, 2007

Dear Marc Dann, Jennifer Brunner, and Staff,

We at the Ohio Election Justice Campaign write to you today to let you know that the need for a public meeting between the offices of the Ohio Attorney General, the Ohio Secretary of State, and our group has only increased as time has passed. The subject for this requested meeting is the theft of the Ohio 2004 general election and subsequent election law violations.

We are in receipt of the letter from Assistant Secretary of State Chris Nance, which informs us that although he has reviewed all election violation materials provided to the Secretary of State’s office, Secretary Brunner will not meet with us. After 62 days, we still have not received a response from Attorney General Marc Dann’s office.

Our request for this meeting remains in place, and will remain until we have met, or until the violations of election law issues we raise have been resolved.

As we count the days, it has now been 62 days since the original request to meet was made.

We are asking for a dialogic, productive, citizen meeting with you, our elected officials.

We still ask for a meeting of three hours. During the first hour, our speakers will present their grave concerns about the Ohio elections, and for hours two and three, we ask that your offices address these concerns by explaining your investigation of election law violations, the legal prosecution of these violations, and how your offices are providing a way for the public to follow the progress on these issues.

Our national group, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign, continues to grow, as does the research we gather on Ohio election problems. We are from across this nation, with expertise in diverse fields, and when our knowledge of elections is combined, we are thoroughly monitoring Ohio, the nation, and, sometimes, the world.

As the weeks pass, the number of legal election issues needing resolution looms larger, not smaller. The longer we wait, the more we will need to ask you, our elected officials, to do, and do quickly.

We can relax and go back to our normal lives only when the people elected to represent and protect the citizens in this state, and across the nation, are the people we actually elected, and that those elected enforce the laws.

As our elected public officials, you were supported by the people of the State of Ohio and elected to office based on the positions you took and the campaign promises you made before you were elected.

Rather than more broken promises, as reported today by The Columbus Dispatch in regards to Attorney General Marc Dann and the gaming industry, we urge you to keep true to your positions and your promises on the profound issues raised by election law violations. Our most cherished and fundamental Constitutional rights are at stake here.

Please look at the campaign promises section at Attorney General Marc Dann is on video promising that he will address election law violations. We are not just saying what we remember, as did the people in the above-mentioned article, we heard him then.

We can still hear the promises, both on video and in our memories, that Marc Dann and Jennifer Brunner would, without hesitation, compromise, or equivocation, address the unparalleled attack on our democracy that was the Ohio 2004 general election, and that they would swiftly move to address ongoing election law violations.

We ask that you keep your promises and uphold the laws of Ohio and the U.S. Constitution on both current and past issues. Until then, the citizens continue to do the only thing patriotic citizens of the United States can do: we work to ensure that one day we will have honest elections and the rule of law. It is the right thing to do.

We will also be asking for meetings and action with a smaller focus on one or several election law violations at a time with your respective offices. This does not mean that the larger agenda we have asked you to address is forgotten, nor the need for the larger group meeting abandoned. It simply shows our keen desire to get at least some accountability from the people who have violated our rights to fair and honest elections.

We are open to your willingness to work with us, your willingness to restore the rule of law in Ohio, and any suggestions you may have on how to move this process forward. We will also continue to count the days for the requested Brunner/Dann meeting. Progress is progress. We welcome it in big and small ways.

Sincerely Concerned,

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

Contact Person:

Paddy Shaffer

Founder, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

(614) 761-0621

cc: AG & SOS Staff

Jessica Utovich, Scheduler for AG Marc Dann

Bobbie Gilbert, Executive Assistant for SOS

Erin Duffy, Scheduler for SOS Jennifer Brunner

cc: The Ohio Election Justice Campaign (please note the updated list)


Patricia Axelrod, Nevada Elections Activist, Director of the Desert Storm Think Tank and Veterans' Advocate, weapons system analyst and military scientist for peace

Karla Van Bibber, Observer for the Five Candidate Election Observer Project 2006, witness to election crimes, investigator of election crimes.

Blair Bobier, J.D., Green Party Recount Media Director

Tim Carpenter, Founder and National Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, PDA

Clint Curtis, Candidate US House of Representatives – Florida, Whistleblower

Adele Eisner, Cuyahoga County Elections Activist,

Gary Flowers, Black Leadership Forum

Brad Friedman, Investigative journalist

Bev Harris, Investigator, author, BLACK BOX VOTING,

Paul Harmon, J.D., Licking County, 2004 Ohio Judge candidate.

Pate Hudson,

Dr. Peter Jones, 2004 Recount Observer - Green County, and citizen journalist

Ken Karan, J.D., Co-Founder Psephos

Tim Kettler, 2006 Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, witness to rigged Coshocton County 2004 recount, Secretary for Ohio Green Party

Paul Lehto, J.D., Election Law Attorney, Co-Founder Psephos

Sheri Myers, Elections Activist, Co-organizer of the Winter Freedom Bus Ride, Author of CHEATED!, a graphic novel,

Victoria Parks, Election Investigator, Musician,,

Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D., Ohio Election Fraud Investigator, Author, Musician, Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

Paddy Shaffer, Artist, Ohio Elections Investigator, Founder of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign and Artists Creating Justice, Director of Candidate Election Observer Project 2006, Fitrakis for Ohio Governor Campaign Manager, former candidate U.S. House of Representatives Ohio 12th District, Writer and Photographer Free Press,

Green Party 2004 Recount County Coordinator for Delaware County, CASE Ohio, J30,

Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

Lynn Landes, Landes Report,

Jon Craig, Cincinnati Enquirer

Evan Davis, Pacifica Radio and co-producer of Pacifica's 2006 10-part series on elections, "Informed Dissent".

Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

Michael Collins, Scoop Independent News,

"Scoop" & EFN , &

Justin Jeffre, Publisher and Writer, Cincinnati Beacon

Documentary Filmmakers and Photographers:

Richard Ray Perez, Producer “Why Ohio Counts”

Mary Beth Brangen & Jim Heddle, Producers, "Help America Vote on Paper," "Got Democracy," "A Little Light'll Do Ya, Defending Democracy in America," "Vote Rigging 101"

Matt Kraus, Producer, “How Ohio Pulled It Off

Jeff Kirkby, Voices of Cleveland and Beyond Video Productions LLC

Stephen Caruso, Free Press

Invited (monitoring issue), Not Confirmed:

Ian Urbana, New York Times

Special Guests:
Jennifer Alexander, Poll worker and supporter of election reform

Rady Ananda, Ohio Elections Activist, Legal Investigator

Lorraine E. Bieber, League of Young Voters,

Ellen H. Brodsky,

Mark Brown, Founder Congressional Policy Forum, Ohio Election Activist, former candidate US House of Representatives

Bill Buckel, former candidate for US House of Representatives, Elections Activist

Stephen Caruso, Independent producer for ACTV, Volunteer for Free Press, A.S., Computer Science, Certified Electronics technician

Marj Creech, Ohio Elections Investigator, Minister,, J30, and CASE-OH

Peace General Bruce Duncanson, Ohio Elections Activist, Peace Army General since 1983, Hand Counted Paper Ballots at the Precinct Supporter, 2006 Election Observer,

Sherole Eaton, Former Deputy Director of the Hocking County Board of Elections, Whistleblower

John Gideon, Co-Director and Information Manager for VotersUnite!

Connie Harris, Ohio Election Activist

Jo Anne Karesek, Ohio Election Activist, CASE Ohio

Gloria Kilgore, Voter Rights and Community Activist, Director of Help Ohioans Vote: One Stop ID Service Initiative

Marian Lupo, J.D., Ph.D., Ohio Election Protection Coalition

Pat Marida, Sierra Club

Andrew Miller, Ohio Elections Activist

Jason Parry, Ohio Election Activist and Investigator

Anita Rios, Ohio Green Party, former Lt. Governor candidate

Jane Schiff, Ohio Election Activist

Jamia Shephard, Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

Danny Stanton, Ohio Elections Activist, CASE Ohio

Nudge Squidfish, Musician and poll worker

Leatrice Tolls, Ohio Elections Activist, Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005, Green Party recount coordinator for Portage County, Greater Cleveland Voter Coalition, 2004 Election Irregularities Hearing convener, E. Cleveland, and co-organizer of Ohio Election Teach In and Cuyahoga County Democratic Challenger

Holly Church Wendell, Poll worker, grandmother, gardener and Inniswood Botanical Garden volunteer, peace activist with Central Ohioans for Peace, social justice advocate/lobbyist and a wanna be potter.

Organizations in Support of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign:

Black Leadership Forum

Election Defense Alliance

Ohio Green Party

PDA, Progressive Democrats of America

Individuals in Support of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign:

David Earnhardt, Producer, director & writer, UNCOUNTED -

Mimi Kennedy, Chairwoman - Progressive Democrats of America

Andi Novick

Penny Little, Film maker

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Contact your U.S Senators and Representatives

Have we had enough of election problems????
Sign these petitions below so our Reps. know we are not kidding anymore.
Meanwhile we collect more enditing evidence against those who have committed election felonies.

go to the congressional record
and contact all thes guys that voted against this stinking 2004 election (yes there is a lawsuit pending and people to be prosecuted thus no statute of limitations since there is pending justice)
Jan 6 2005

choose next page at bottom if link does not bring it up, they don't like direct links for some reason...


Here is a timely request from Paddy Shaffer;

I have a bit of research that needs done, and wondered if any or all of you might want to help with it. Here is what I have in mind, let me and the others here know if you are interested. A couple others that have helped a lot with research, and I'll see if I can get a couple people working on this....

I want the names of all the House and Senate members that stood up and asked to have Ohio's 2004 election investigated in the afternoon on January 6, 2005. Both those who signed, and those who gave a speech in support of it. I was in the Senate Gallery watching the Senators speak, as were many others, some in The Ohio Election Justice Campaign.

I also want their speeches, and contact information. They are in the Congressional Record for that day.

This way they can be contacted, reminded of what they said, and asked to join and support the Ohio Election Justice Campaign. We will also ask that they assist us with encouraging both Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann to meet with our group and honor our requested 3 hour meeting, and the three requests we have made.

1. Listen to our speakers
2. Present their plan to investigate and do the needed legal prosecution of the 2004 election crimes and subsequent crimes.
3. Have dialoged with us about the plan and explain how the public will be able to follow the progress of the legal work to be certain that it is finally being conducted.

If you are able to set it all up that we can make it available on a link on the Link site, and Steve might also be willing to put it on his Link site. This way it will be easy for many people to utilize it as snail mail so these Congressional members receive it in paper form, or people can cut and paste and use it for our petition letter site, or other email correspondence. They can also be encouraged to share those speeches and their concern with others... and get the group support to grow. Even Hillary Clinton got up and spoke about Ohio's bad election. Barbara Boxer was the only one with enough strength to sign it from the Senate. The US House had about 31 members sign (as I remember, and I'm not certain that is right).

Talk to me, and talk to each other. With your help, can we get this done?

If we can get these members of Congress saturated with paper letters, email letters, phone calls, and get some responses coming back, maybe we can then turn some attention to the others like Marcy Kaptur, Ohio Democrat, US House, who voted to certify Ohio's election, and went to the Ukraine to investigate their election, but didn't look at her own state.

Make it a Powerful Day,

Paddy Shaffer
Founder, Ohio Election Justice Campaign
(614) 761-0621

Saturday, September 15, 2007

PLANNING MEETING: September 21, 2007

Ohio Election Justice Campaign
To work out our plans to get the Ohio Attorney General and Ohio Secretary of State to meet with us, to investigate election crimes, to put together a way the public can follow their progress. Due diligence, we just want them to do their jobs!

Where: Main Branch of the Public Library, Downtown Columbus
Conference room. Parking available on the surrounding streets, and in the parking garage.

When: 4-6 p.m. Friday - September 21, 2007

Conference Call to begin at 5:00 p.m. Those interested in the conference call, get in touch with Marian Lupo at

Questions, comments, or concerns
contact Paddy Shaffer
(614) 761-0621 or
Marian Lupo at


Matt Blaze, very much like Jonathan Swift; should his sense of humor be outlawed in an orgy of political correctness?


Bingo scorecard that caused the following flurry of gibberish... But for which we can score some points!

Regarding concerns by Republicans at the Ohio Statehouse, Jennifer Brunner may change those who she had chosen to test Ohio Voting Machines. According to the Columbus Dispatch article by Mark Niquette, dated Friday September 14, 2007

Matt Blaze, an associate professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania, had been one of the academic computer experts selected to work on the proposed $1.8 million study.
But after a Dispatch story yesterday highlighted items from Blaze's personal blog- including a bingo game he created mocking excuses machine vendors give for security flaws in their systems - Brunner said she's reconsidering Blaze's role.

the article later states...

State Senators John Carey, R-Wellston, and Steve Strivers, R-Columbus, sent Brunner a letter yesterday with 23 questions about the study. She plans to respond by early next week and meet with them to discuss their concerns.

We need 23 hard-hitting questions...
Mark Brown, one of our OEJC supporters, and my brother, just called with a wonderful idea. We need to present to State Senators John Carey, R-Wellston, and Steve Strivers, R-Columbus a list of our own 23 questions on election matters. So have a field day folks, put together your best questions, and we will pull together the best 23 we can pick, and present them to the Senators, and to the media.

Submit questions to


Music Video by Eliza Jane with some members of the historic journey to Washington DC on the Freedom Winter Bus Ride on January 5 and 6, 2005 to protest the certification of the 2004 election. We visited many a Senator and Congress member. We did everything we could.
Many thanks for the tunes Eliza, and this wonderful coverage.

Paddy Shaffer
Founder, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign
(614) 761-0621

Team Building: Lend a Hand, Make History!

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

We are creating a network of activists and organizers who are passionate about righting the wrongs of Ohio 2004. Today Is September 14, 2007, only 108 days until 2008. Absentee voting for the Ohio
Presidential Primary begins in January 2008. Justice is needed to stop the future robbery of Ohio elections!
Public pressure needs to build very quickly, NOW. Money needs to be raised.

We are raising an army of volunteers all over the country to give an hour a day, a couple hours a week… Anything and everything is appreciated.
These positions need to be filled.

National Media Director to focus on print and television.
Oversee a team of people, working regionally.

Regional Media Directors
Where do you live? Will you contact the media in your area for us?
Your city’s TV and print, rural papers..

Ohio Media Director
Below is a link to Ohio Media to start.

PR Director to help set up radio interviews for Paddy Shaffer.

Ohio Election Justice spokespeople available for interviews, who will learn the background of this issue, and have another point of view or expertise from Paddy.

Budget/Event planner to put together an event cost analysis, so that we know exactly how much we need to raise, to create this historic meeting.
That budget should include travel for the speakers, lodging, printing, etc.
(For example, Congressman John Conyers told us that expenses for him and a staff person need to be covered. What would that cost?)

Fundraisers to point supporters across the country (and Europe?) to our website and to look for sponsorship with progressive groups and individuals.

Accountant familiar with Ohio law

Petition Posters
The petition form is written, and now needs to be posted everywhere.
Can you post it on your website? We will send it to you.

Other Skills
What are your skills, what else can you do to further this cause. Let us know.

Let’s gather millions of signatures of people asking for our Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, and Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to investigate, prosecute, and let the public follow it all in a transparent way.

Paddy Shaffer
Founder, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign (614) 761-0621
For more information: , the website for “CHEATED!”, a graphic novel about the 2004 election theft in Ohio.

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Fear For OHIO... Not Election Fraud, but Tic Tac Fruit.

Note the date, this was written August 31, 2007

New Fear For OHIO... Not Election Fraud, but Tic Tac Fruit.
Group calls for meeting with Ohio Attorney General
and Ohio Secretary of State.

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

By Paddy Shaffer
Director, Artists Creating Justice

August 31, 2007

Now here is a little ditty from the Thursday August 30, 2007 Columbus Dispatch in an article by James Nash, about Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann and his investigation into "Tic Tac Fruit". Yes you read that right, "Tic Tac Fruit". Some of us are concerned with our massive election problems and the criminals running them. But not our new Attorney General. It is Tic Tac Fruit that has his interest, a gambling machine, like pinball, but you need some skill and you can win money. Well according to the current article, and one of several days ago, it seems to be a big threat to Ohioans. Storeowners don't sound so sure that we are to be scared. According to Talmadge Long, the owner of "Lucky You" a Jeffersonville parlor, he was unsure of his next move, as Marc Dann wants to shut down all these machines in Ohio. Talmadge said, " I'm just a businessman, I don't know what the hell they want me to do."

The quote from Marc Dann in a written statement is,
"We will fight this battle with every necessary resource".

From this article, and a past one I have learned that the Attorney Generals Office has sent out 700 certified letters on this issue, and has the police visiting game parlors. Heck on Wednesday, August 29th investigators went to game parlors in Jeffersonville, Tiffin and Calcutta. Hour’s later Dann's office filed court motions seeking orders to close the businesses for allegedly violating the Consumer Sales Practices Act, which prohibits deceptive marketing.

Marc Dann has called on the public to help report gambling machines to his office through anew toll-free phone number, 1-877-AG4-OHIO (1-877-244-6446), or a new Web site, .

Wow, he wants the public to help!

That is just what this group of citizens is trying to do, but this is on another issue. Theft of the US Presidency should be of a higher priority than Tic Tac Fruit. Activists, Journalists, Filmmakers, and people who want to observer a meeting where the beginning of the justice process for Ohio’s Election Theft will begin. Many have joined with Paddy Shaffer, asking to meet for 3 hours with Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, and Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. They have now waited 3 weeks and 2 days, and those offices have not yet scheduled the requested meeting. Why the wait? This project is now called The Ohio Election Justice Campaign.

The group, under the leadership of Paddy and newly formed Artists Creating Justice, are planning for a group of speakers to each briefly address a variety of election issues, and then to have plenty of time for dialog with the Attorney General and Secretary of State. Shaffer and the group have asked that Brunner and Dann have a plan on how together they will begin the investigation of the 2004 election fraud and destruction or records issues. More problems have happened since November of 2004, and some of those will be addressed also, like rigged recounts, many counties are guilty of that. There are just so many problems, what has happened in Ohio has affected the nation, and the world. We look forward to hearing what they intend to do, and reporting it to the world. The group has asked, through Shaffer for a plan to be set up that the public can follow the progress of the investigation, and subsequent legal actions. After what this country has suffered through, we do not want to be told that we can’t know their progress, because it is under investigation. When it is the citizens who have done the investigation for years, and Paddy is one of those investigators, we have earned the right to know how it is proceeding, and it is our only way to know, that it actually is being implemented and followed to completion.

Just imagine if the Ohio Attorney General applied the kind of effort to the Ohio Boards of Elections, that he has applied to the gambling threat of Tic Tac Fruit.

Besides, we did most of the investigation for them. The file at the Ohio Attorney General's office, which has been started by information that Paddy Shaffer provided, with lots of election fraud data, is "Public Integrity Unit File PIU 07-010". It has already been reviewed, yet Associate Attorney General Chelsea Rice has determined with the Attorney Generals Legal Department, and Lloyd Early, Director of Special Investigations for the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation that there is nothing to investigate. Paddy has organized this meeting because of that, and because of Jennifer Brunner’s comments that the Ohio Boards of Elections did nothing wrong in destroying the federally protected 2004 ballots. Over one and a half million are now forever gone, these were evidence.

The Attorney General’s office received this information in late July and early August. Notice that it was only file number 010, or 10. They don't seem too busy to look into election fraud. What will it take to get this meeting scheduled? Public Pressure? 2008 is looming ahead of us, how long can the state of Ohio and the nation wait?

Artists Creating Justice is proud to announce that the following Patriot Americans are all asking to meet with Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann.

Bev Harris of Blackbox Voting; Paul Lehto Esq. and Ken Karan Esq. - of Phephos;
Blair Bobier Esq. – Media Director for the Green Party 2004 Recount; Gary Flowers of the Black Leadership Forum; Sheri Myers – author of “Cheated!”; Victoria Parks – Ohio Election Investigator; 2006 Election Observer and musician who created “My Vote Don’t Matter Anymore”; Tim Kettler – 2006 Green Party Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State – and witness to rigging of Coshocton County Recount; Richard Hayes Phillips PhD – Ohio Election Investigator, musician, author; Tim Carpenter - Founder and National Director of Progressive Democrats of America; Matt Krous – Producer and filmmaker of “How Ohio Pulled it Off”; Richard Ray Perez – Producer “Why Ohio Counts”, Mary Beth Braun and Jim Huddle of The Ecological Options Network – Producers of "Help America Vote on Paper", "Got Democracy", "A Little Light'll Do Ya, Defending Democracy in America", "Vote Rigging 101", What’s at Stake” , “Getting Over It”; Adele Eisner – Cuyahoga Elections Investigator; Dr. Peter Jones – witness to rigged recount; Jon Craig – Cincinnati Enquirer; Evan Davis – Pacifica Radio and co-producer of Pacifica's 2006 10-part series on elections, "Informed Dissent"; Mark Brown – founder of Congressional Policy Forum; 2006 Election Observer, Marj Creech – Ohio Election Investigator; Pat Mirada – Sierra Club; Sherole Eaton – Whistleblower on Triad; Karla Van Bibbler – witness to multiple election crimes and 2006 Election Observer; Brad Friedman – bradblog; Paul Harmon Esq. – 2004 Judge candidate robbed of his election; Patricia Axelrod – Director Desert Storm Think Tank and Veterans Advocate, weapons system analyst and military scientist for peace, Election Machine Investigator; Dan Stanton – elections activist, Bill Buckel, - former congressional candidate and elections activist, and the group is growing.

Supporting Groups: Election Defense Alliance

We all chose the type of character we will be remembered to be, during this pivotal time in US history.

To inquire about, or to be one of those who observes this meeting contact
Paddy Shaffer at or (614) 761-0621.

Media inquiries welcomed.

Artists Creating Justice owns no stock in Tic Tac Fruit, nor endorses gambling.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign, Friday, September 7, 2007

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

Jennifer Brunner, Ohio Secretary of State
Bobbie Gilbert, Executive Assistant for Jennifer Brunner
Erin Duffy, Scheduler for Jennifer Brunner
Kellye Pinkleton, Director, Voting Rights Institute, Ohio Secretary of State
Kathy Spinelli, Assistant to Kellye Pinkleton
Marc Dann, Ohio Attorney General
Colleen Brown, Executive Assistant to Marc Dann
Jessica Utovich, Scheduler for Marc Dann

Friday, September 7, 2007

Dear Jennifer Brunner, Marc Dann, and Staff,

I am Paddy Shaffer, an Ohio Resident, Artist, Wife, Mother, Election Activist and Investigator, and I write today on behalf of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign. The OEJC started as a simple request for an opportunity to meet with you. This effort has now grown to a national campaign for legal accountability for election crimes in Ohio. The Ohio Election Justice Campaign wants to hear back from your two offices on a date for which we can schedule the three-hour meeting with Jennifer Brunner and Marc Dann. The purpose of the meeting would be to resolve how your offices will investigate the crimes of the 2004 election, as well, those crimes that have happened since need to be addressed. We wish for the Rule of Law to be restored through legal prosecutions. We also ask that your offices provide the public a way to follow your progress in resolving long-standing problems regarding our elections in Ohio. We have planned for a number of speakers from The Ohio Election Justice Campaign in the first hour of this meeting. Hours two and three are for you, Jennifer Brunner, Marc Dann, and your office staff to explain how we can accomplish our mutual goals in restoring the Rule of the Law in Ohio's elections. Finally, within those last two hours, we would also like to have dialog with you on this crucial subject as to how we can proceed together restoring the Rule of Law. We want a way for the public to follow the progress of the investigation and prosecution.

I, along with millions of other voters, listened to the campaign promises of candidates Marc Dann and Jennifer Brunner running for the critical offices of Ohio Attorney General and Ohio Secretary of State. Do you remember them? We were all so hopeful. We were hoping our election problems in Ohio would be resolved. I am enclosing a link that will take you to video of your campaign promises. At this moment, Marc Dann’s portion of the video is available. Soon it will have five parts, including Jennifer Brunner’s campaign promises as well.

What you promise is what we need. Please, just do what you promised!

Dann and Brunner Campaign Promises Video - HYPERLINK ""

I have done everything a citizen can do to help her country… I have personally investigated election crimes, when no law enforcement did the job. I have tried through the former Attorney General Jim Petro and County Prosecutors to get our election laws and public record laws enforced. I have paid for records requests, hundreds of dollars of them, paid my expenses, gasoline, long distance phone calls, and more to investigate these crimes, when no law enforcement would do their job. I pay for this with my grocery money. I have participated in radio call shows, and press conferences, and supplied the media with crime information, for which they generally ignore. I have endured name calling by the media and others, but also the love, appreciation and support of real patriots from across this country, and from other countries who care about democracy. I have made many friends, and probably a few enemies on this journey. I hope we will end up friends because what I want is reasonable.

I want to help you both do the best you can in your current jobs. I keep trying; keep sending you information that should be a great help to your job. I don’t do it to seeking credit. I just want to see you do the work, and you get the credit. I am very frustrated now, you have occupied your office for nine months, and it is almost 2008, another Presidential Election Year… and not much has been resolved. Even the two Cuyahoga County BOE workers, Jacqueline Maiden and Kathleen Dreamer and are getting a new trial, one wonders, will they go to prison for 18 months, or walk away?

I have repeatedly asked for a meeting with both Jennifer Brunner and Marc Dann. I have now formed this group, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign, and because this meeting and issue is so very important.

This is the Theft Of The Office Of The United States Presidential Election, and The Theft Of The Ohio Supreme Court.

What could you be working on
that could be more important than that?

I have many pieces of my ongoing investigation in this rather long letter. I do not do this with a public audience to embarrass, to anger, or to pick a battle. I do this because I do not see any other way of getting your attention, without applying public pressure. You and I both know that I have tried and tried and tried. Please do not hold anger against me. Just help the passionate citizens who have joined me to insist that you bring investigation and legal justice to the election crimes committed in Ohio. That is all I ask, and all I ever asked of you. The office of the Ohio Secretary of State is now sitting on the remaining evidence, over 2200 boxes of evidence of the biggest crime ever perpetrated on our republic. Could you please do something with it? If you do not know how to do it, or what to look for, we probably already have, or have already shared it with you. Most of us in The Ohio Election Justice Campaign used to be just citizens, but now armed with evidence, truth, facts. We investigated the elections when the former AG and SOS, the DOJ, the FBI, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and our media, refused. As victims and witnesses to the greatest crime ever, we citizens took up the gauntlet and did our own investigations. Now, we know how to do investigations and we have done them for you. We want to help you, not alienate or anger you. We have save you a fortune in money, so much of this evidence, as cold cases could not now even be collected. We ask you to look.

It has now been 31 days since the meeting was requested; on August 8th, 2007, and 2008 is only a few short months away. Many additional election crimes have been brought to your attention since that day. There has been no response to the exposure of these crimes, nor to the many crime stories that had already been sent to you, with the exception of a letter from the Attorney General’s office letting me know that there is "nothing to investigate" (attached to this letter). Those stories covered a wide range of topics, from rigged recounts (which got Maiden and Dreamer 18 month prison sentences); theft of the United States Presidency; theft of the Ohio Supreme Court; fake ballots; Warren County Homeland Security Alert; Triad switching out the hard drive on a tabulator prior to the recount; and so much more. It is troubling that with so much in the way of legal work to be done, and the obvious need to let people know your plan of action, there has still been no meeting scheduled. Why do we even have to beg you to for a simple meeting? Last year as both Jennifer and Marc campaigned for Secretary of State and Attorney General; you told us you would take care of this problem. What happened to “Due Diligence?” It is your job to do this investigation and the following needed legal actions.

When I originally talked to Jennifer’s Executive Assistant Bobbie Gilbert, while I was in your office on Monday August 6, 2007, she said meetings were being scheduled out about three weeks (in advance). It has been longer than that, we have not yet met, nor have we even scheduled. It is as though you do not plan to meet with this group, yet I am sure that is not your intention. We hope that is not the case. Many of us remember your campaign promises to deal with these election problems. Tim Kettler, who was also a candidate for Secretary of State with Jennifer, is one of our speakers for this requested meeting. He plans to explain how the Coshocton County Recount was rigged, including the involvement of Pat Wolfe, who still works in the office of the Secretary of State. You should be interested. These issues are so important to the nation, and many hundreds of thousands of people have actually died, as a result of the decisions made by a man sitting in the office of The President Of The United States Of America, a man that was not elected. This is very serious.

During the campaign season, Marc Dann even promised to form an “Election Integrity Division”. I called Marc’s office and spoke with executive assistant, Colleen Brown who said, “We have no Election Integrity Division”. When I told Colleen who I was, and that I was reading through Marc’s campaign promises, and he said he was going to form an Election Integrity Division. Colleen said she would get me help. Then I was put on hold for a long time, what seemed like several minutes passed, and then one of those annoying recorded voices came on for “The Help Center”. The recording played and finished with “all representatives are still assisting other callers.” It played over and over and over… and when I could stand it no more, I hung up and called Colleen back. Now no one answered the phone, and there was not even a way to leave a message. Hmm…. This finished at around 1:45 p.m. on September 5, 2007.

During the 2006 Campaign season Marc Dann had a blog, here is one entry…
Saturday, September 02, 2006
HYPERLINK "" Decision In Registration Case Is a Victory for The Constitution and the State (part of the blogged article below)

At least Ken’s consistent—consistently committed to eroding our democracy.

And there’s one more thing for which we should be thankful: Republican arrogance. They were so sure that they would control every statewide office, including that of attorney general, for another four years that when they passed House Bill 3 they gave the AG the authority to independently investigate and prosecute election law violations for the first time in Ohio history.

They did it because they thought a GOP AG as opposed to voting rights as they are would be a real asset during the 2008 presidential election. Imagine, I’m sure they said, how much easier it will be to keep people we don’t like away from the polls if someone on our side has the power to investigate and prosecute them for having the unmitigated gall to try and vote.

Now imagine how they feel today: Ohioans are on the verge of electing me attorney general. And instead of using the power of the office to keep people away from the polls, I’ll use it to enforce the Voting Rights Act, oppose anti-democratic legislation like HB 3, and ensure that every Ohioan who is eligible and desires to has the opportunity to vote and that every vote cast counts.

That’s not what the Republicans want, but it is what the U.S. and the Ohio Constitution demands. I would like to thank Judge O’Malley for upholding both. And I look forward to the day I take office as Attorney General so I can do the same.

Posted by HYPERLINK "" Marc Dann at 02:55 PM. Filed under: HYPERLINK "" General

Here is another…
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
HYPERLINK "" Dann calls on Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to release internal audit that shows political favors helped reduce some employer’s rates (post in part)

“Once again, the public records law in Ohio is being ignored,” said Senator Dann. “The allegations of impropriety in the BWC are serious and deserve a closer look. By not releasing the audit, it begins to appear as just another cover-up. I have asked Director Mabe to reconsider his decision and release the audit to me by Friday.”

Posted by HYPERLINK "" admin at 09:50 PM. Filed under: HYPERLINK "" General

Marc, I must ask what is happening when your office writes me a letter where they wrote in part, “After reviewing your complaint and the information you provided to Mr. Early, we have decided that there is insufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges relating to these matters.” That letter (attached) now apparently sits in Public Integrity Unit File PIU 07-010 with the large amount of information I sent to your employee on election crime and fraud issues. When I wrote you about this, and about who was this employee, who was Lloyd Early, you emailed me back on August 12, 2007, “Lloyd works for me." Have you as yet looked in that file? Do you agree with the above finding? I have repeatedly sent more information to your office, and to Jennifer’s about election crimes, yet no one even responds. In the above statement you are quoted talking about a Bureau of Workers Compensation cover-up. What do we call the Ohio election mess, if your office, and Brunner’s won’t deal with it? A cover-up? I do not want to believe this.

Marc do you remember in the spring of 2006 when Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips and Paddy Shaffer scheduled a 30 minute meeting with then State Senator, Marc Dann. We provided you with a folder of election crimes we had investigated. Did you look into any of it?

At the recent Secretary of State’s Voting Rights Institute meeting on August 21, 2007 Jennifer Brunner talked to the participants about the missing 2004 election records. Below is what was written in the minutes of the meeting, provided to Paddy Shaffer.


Secretary Brunner then chose to speak to the issue of the 2004 ballots. The 22-month retention requirement for these ballots was over on Sept 2, 2006. The boards were sent an email from a paralegal on Sept 8th with a copy of Judge Marbley’s Sept 7th order attached, but no instructions were provided. On April 9th, Secretary Brunner sent a directive instructing all Boards of Election to send their 2004 ballots to Columbus for safe storage. The regional liaisons assisted in transporting these ballots. In all, 7 counties had no ballots to return. Due to glitches, erroneous information, and accidents, some counties had only partial records. Every county sent an inventory and a letter of explanation to Columbus with the ballots. A major concern was unused ballots. Many of these were destroyed, while voted ballots were kept. This information was all turned over to Judge Marbley. We have had no updates from his court as of today. Secretary Brunner highlighted the importance of her office focusing on the 2008 election.

I question how the word “glitches” can be used to describe any method for which the physical evidence of the theft of the office of the United States President was destroyed or discarded. I have documented 11 times when they knew to keep these records.

Are you aware that to destroy these records after 30 days, which some counties claim to have done… would be on January 1, 2005? The Boxer Rebellion and the date the election was certified were on January 6, 2006. So how can it be OK with Jennifer for them to have already destroyed records? How many of them did this? Will they do it again?

I also must question at this time if Jennifer Brunner has made herself familiar with the Board of Elections records on the missing 2004 records. She has spoken on them, and been quoted in the press saying they did not “intentionally destroy” ballots. The problem with that comment is that in their letters both Warren and Fayette Counties said they “intentionally destroyed” ballots. I have this from your records. This seems like you either do not know what is in the records held by the Secretary of State’s office, or you are misinforming the media and the public

In the above writing from the recent meeting of the Voting Rights Institute it appears from the minutes of the meeting that Jennifer told the participants that, “Every county sent an inventory and a letter of explanation to Columbus with the ballots.” I am familiar with your records. As soon as I read that I knew there seemed to be a problem. First, counties that turned over all their records did not need to submit a letter of explanation, but this is trivial. The bigger item is not. I wrote a record request to your office, requesting the letters of explanation for Columbiana, Coshocton, Darke, Lawrence, Licking, Lorain, Madison, Miami, Morgan, Noble, Summit, Tuscarawas, Wayne, Wood, and Wyandot Counties. This is 15 counties. See, you could only have letters for those counties, if those letters had recently arrived, because I already have all of the others.

According to SOS Elections Council, Brian Green, in a letter dated August 29, 2007,

“Those records you seek do not exist. As such, this office cannot provide them to you. If you have additional concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office.”

Well, I’m contacting you, and I have a concern. So again, either you do not know your offices records, or when you explained to the VRI group that you had all the letters of explanation for all 56 counties, which would give the appearance that you were content with the explanations given for all 56 counties that are missing some or all of their 2004 ballots. So how can you say none of the boards did anything wrong, to the VRI group, and to the media… when you do not have letters from 15 of the counties, and many of the letters you do have are, well frankly, absurd. The bottom line for myself and for many others across this nation is, those are the people’s records, evidence of a major crime against the US and its people. Lots of it was intentionally destroyed. The paper of Richard Hayes Phillips called “Shreds of Evidence” available at HYPERLINK "" , which has previously been given to both the Attorney Generals office and to the Secretary of States office will help you to understand what has happened. They need investigated.

As for the remaining records, after the ongoing court case has finished, for which Judge Marbley ordered those records protected and given to the SOS office, one of your staff told me that those 2004 election records would probably be destroyed. Jennifer, again I remind you, and Marc Dann, the evidence of the theft of the United States Presidential Election and evidence of the theft of the Ohio Supreme Court is in those records. Those are the people’s records. They need sorted into 88 counties, or actually 81 counties, because 7 counties turned over no records. I know that they are not sorted now, but all mixed up. The signature books and poll books need collected from the BOE’s, as I have repeatedly suggested to you. I gave to Jennifer Brunner on August 6th, in person via Bobbie Gilbert an RC-3 form, which is a certificate of disposal form. It was for Clermont County. It documented that they disposed of their signature books this summer, in July, further evidence that Judge Marbley’s ruling is being ignored. When I called Clermont, I was told they sent the signature books and poll books to the SOS office. When I looked at your inventory sheet for Clermont, it does not show signature books and poll books. Have you looked into this? As for those signature books and poll books for the 88 counties, they are an important part of the evidence of this enormous crime. They need inventoried and audited. They need gift wrapped with some of that yellow “crime scene” tape. Please, for the sake of this nation… due diligence. Just do your jobs.

I wrote you earlier about my concern at the same Voting Rights Institute meeting that Keith Cunningham, Director of the Allen County Board of Elections was appointed to a new board. The entry from your minutes of the meeting are below.


Secretary Brunner announced her appointment of 3 people to the Board of Voting Examiners. This group determines the certification of voting machines in Ohio. The new members are: Keith Cunningham, from Allen County, David Moots, from Union County, and Inajo Davis Chappell, from Cuyahoga County.

I addressed and asked for a reply from both the Ohio Secretary of State, and the Ohio Attorney General’s offices about this. Keith Cunningham, Director of the Allen County Board of Elections who is one of many Ohio Election Officials that rigged a Green Party Recount of the 2004 Election. Again, here is the website for the report
Keith also disposed of 2004 election records. I asked that he immediately be removed from this board that will be responsible for certifying the Ohio voting machines. What he has done is a crime. He needs removed from his office and investigated. Instead it has the appearance he was rewarded (after discarding his 2004 ballots) with this new position. I asked for a response from your offices, for feedback on the appointment of Keith Cunningham to this new board. I continue to wait for a response on this matter… Why does no one at your office appear to care?

As for cost, in 2004 Allen County had 139 precincts. That is $1,390.00 that David Cobb, candidate for the United States President, paid for the recount. Keith Cunningham and any members of his board that were involved should personally refund that money. My research is showing rigged recounts across the state. Have the SOS office, or AG office investigated? Then to add additional insult to the many rigged recounts, the Ohio legislature in 3515.07 under “Charges for recounts” in 2006 raises the cost of future recounts up to being as much as $50.00 per precinct. This decision needs reversed, and an apology issued.

I’ve not yet studied Union County, another county for which a member is put on your new board to certify voting machines, but I did find this on the Green Party Recount site.
This is the site for Union County, where the hard drive was switched out of the tabulator which counts the votes, between the election and the recount.

So did David Cobb and the Green and Libertarian Parties get a real recount? Union County had 46 precincts in 2004. That is $460.00 that was paid for the recount. Did the new machine give the same count? I am not comfortable with this. I have a witness that says this happened in about half our counties, the tabulators were altered between the election and the recount. Care to know more?

In the below clip from the Voting Rights Institute, it says that those of you at the VRI in the office of the SOS will do many good things. I hope you will work with the Ohio Election Justice Campaign, and get the issue of election crimes addressed.
Mission Statement:
The Ohio Secretary of State’s office seeks to promote civic participation and a stronger democracy through ensuring every Ohioan’s right to vote in an election system that is free, fair, open and honest.
The Voting Rights Institute will:
• work with communities, partner with organizations and implement programs that will ensure a safe, reliable and trustworthy process that fosters and enhances access to voting in Ohio by all of its eligible citizens,
• act as a clearinghouse to address voter concerns and
• provide leadership on legislative and policy initiatives to accomplish this mission.
For more information, contact Kellye Pinkleton at 614-995-1619 or by HYPERLINK "" e-mail (click to send e-mail).


In closing for this long letter. Please call me and lets schedule our meeting. I now have over 50 people interested in being here for this meeting. I will also send you the new guest list, including the bios for all participants and topics for the speakers. Kellye Pinkleton wrote that she had “space concerns”. Do not worry about that, we will provide a meeting location. Several locations have been looked at, and we are still looking, so that we have plenty of choices when we have a scheduled date. Kellye also wrote to me, and explained to Patricia Axelrod that Jennifer Brunner is too busy to meet, that only staff will be available. That will not be sufficient due to the importance of the topic. If that is still the answer, please provide The Ohio Election Justice Campaign with the schedule of Jennifer Brunner so we can see what she is working on that is so much more important than the theft of the US Presidential office, and the Ohio Supreme Court. I know Jennifer has a fundraiser coming up in Licking County this month. I received an invitation. Maybe something like that could be rescheduled. We are open to days, evening, or even weekends. Fridays are good for most people. We want to work with you. We want justice in Ohio, we were robbed, and thus, the nation was robbed. We must succeed in seeking justice in Ohio.

Sincerely Concerned,

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

Paddy Shaffer
Founder, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign
(614) 761-0621

Cc: All members of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign
Media members both far and wide
Many American Citizens
American Organizations
People who read what is on the Internet
And more…

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You are invited to witness what might be the most important meeting in history.

This is in regards to the theft of the United States 2004 Presidential Election. This meeting has been requested, a date has not yet been chosen.

By Paddy Shaffer

Ohio Election Justice Campaign

I am in the midst of planning a meeting with Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, and Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann. I have requested a three hour meeting, for which I plan to bring with me a group of speakers to each speak briefly on a topic, and then as a group we will discuss with Brunner and Dann, what is going to get done to investigate and prosecute those involved in the massive amount of documented election fraud in Ohio with an majority focus on 2004 (but not limited too, as the problems continue). We are waiting for confirmation that they will agree to meet and a date. We do not have a date for you today for this requested meeting.

I am inviting interested individuals and groups to attend as observers, and to help show their support to our goals being met. The Secretary of State and Attorney Generals offices are stalling on scheduling this meeting. Any help you can provide is appreciated.

Currently Brunner and Dann are doing little on this, and we cannot go into a third potential stolen Presidential Election with no accountability on what has happened. I think they need some positive encouragement, this is something the citizens want done, and prior to 2008. That leaves only a couple months. Please voice your opinion. If not now, with 2008 in a few months, when? Once 2008 is here, we could likely hear things like, it will be too disruptive to upset and change the Boards of Elections now, and "just get over it". Sorry folks, we should never get over it, not now, not in fifty years. We were intentionally robbed... and the robbers are still there collecting paychecks to run our unverifiable elections, for which we are taxed to pay them. To add to this, we now have more voting machines in Ohio than is 2004.

We have massive amounts of documentation in Ohio, thanks to the many citizen investigators, or which I am one. We want justice for Ohio and the nation. I also have documentation that the Attorney Generals office will do nothing in regards to 2004 election fraud issues. They put it in a letter to me that they will not investigate. I posted it in the letter entitled "An Open Letter To Lloyd Early, Director Of Special Investigations". 56 of Ohio's 88 Counties turned over partial or no ballots to the Secretary of State, which US District Court Judge ordered them to do, with the penalty of a fourth degree felony and a charge of contempt of court. Over one and a half federally protected ballots are gone. We have a massive number of counties with rigged recounts, and other crimes galore.

To understand some of the actual crimes committed, here is my research and what I am able to report on:

The documents from the Secretary of State relating to the destruction of over one and a half million Ohio 2004 ballots is at this website (it is a link halfway through the article):

To understand the significance of those ballots read "Shreds of Evidence" by Richard Hayes Phillips PhD at:

For an insiders look into how some of the Ohio BOE's view those of us who would dare to want to protect the 2004 ballots look at:

Jennifer Brunner has been repeatedly quoted in the press saying things like they didn't intentionally destroy ballots, which Judge Algenon Marbley ordered protected. These Ohio Boards of Elections destroyed over 1.6 million ballots. Well actually they did destroy those ballots on purpose, Warren and Fayette Counties wrote that they "intentionally destroyed" them in their letters of explanation I have asked to know why this is Jennifer's response, asked her to revise it, and I have gotten no response.

To read a condensed list of excuses look at:

Here in Ohio we had big, grand hopes that these new people were going to clean house and deal with these issues. Or were those just campaign promises?

I would like to speak to you about this, and include those of you in the meeting who would like to observe this important event in history, and to teach others about it. If you are interested, contact me. I'll have lots of documentation on my investigations up on this website soon. This is the site for Ohio native Sheri Myers, for her book "Cheated!". I donated a copy of "Cheated!" to Jennifer Brunner and to Doug Miller recently. Doug is the Manager of Security at the SOS office. He read the book in the room with Richard and I while we photographed the Clermont County stickered ballots. Doug said that many people had asked him about the history of how 2004 unfolded after the election. He seemed pleased to have the story in print, yet looked troubled by what he was reading. Doug did not know about "Sleepovers" (where the poll workers have the voting machines at their homes for several days) nor the 2004 Warren County Homeland Security Alert, Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips just learned that the Deputy Director knew was coming days in advance of the November 2, 2004 election. Something needs done about all this.

As you read those letters of explanation, remember... that for the counties that destroyed records in 60 days... that would be January 1, 2005. Those had a 22 month retention schedule. The Boxer Rebellion and the certification of the election were on January 6, 2005. This ought to make you mad! Again, read "Shreds of Evidence" to see why those records likely are now gone.

Below is my confirmed guest list of speakers and others that plan to attend. I hope all can make it, as the date is still unknown. I have provided the Ohio Secretary of State and the Ohio Attorney Generals Office with the bios for those persons for which I have received a bio, and the topics on which they will speak.

Guest list,

Paddy Shaffer, Bev Harris, Gary Flowers, Victoria Parks, Blair Bobier, Patricia Axelrod, Sheri Myers, Tim Kettler, Brad Friedman, Tim Carpenter, Richard Hayes Phillips PhD, Ken Karan, Adele Eisner, Paul Harmon, Paul Lehto, Peter Jones, Karla Van Bibbler

Lynn Landes - The Landes Report
Jon Craig - Cincinnati Enquirer
Evan Davis - Pacifica
Michael Collins - Scoop
Justin Jeffre - Cincinnati Beacon (publisher and writer)

Documentary Film Crews
1. Richard Ray Perez
2. Mary Beth Brangan and Jim Heddle
3. Matt Krous
4. Jeff Kirkby

Invited, monitoring issue, but not confirmed
Ian Urbana - NY Times

Guests to observe meeting
Mark Brown, Sherole Eaton, Marj Creech, Nudge Squidfish, Bill Buckel, Dan Stanton, Anita Rios, Jennifer Alexander

Supporting Organizations
Election Defense Alliance

Please let me know who would be interested in attending this very important meeting. No date is currently set. I will need a bio for anyone that is interested in coming.

Make it a Very Powerful Day,

Paddy Shaffer
Director, Artists Creating Justice
(614) 761-0621

R.D. Laing

R.D. Laing
Speaking on Autonomy