Sunday, October 28, 2012

Becoming What You Hate, Green Party Threatens Romney Swing Vote

The Romney campaign has been counting on capturing the swing voters in the swing states, conservative stump slamming early in the campaign and tweaking the rhetoric to a final faux liberalized approach later in the rounds to draw in those on the fence.

But the fence sitters won't have it. They have decided to vote Green. Polls show that a majority of people believe in global warming and that something needs done. They have realized and believe that the climate is important, that unfettered saber rattling and the push for more fossil fuel use is not the future they want.

The main stream media wants us to take the middle of the road approach, as always and the middle is always further right than the constituency aplomb.  

Are we dependent on the mainstream media? No, though we are victimized by the adulterated commercialism, exploitation of ignorance and purveyance thereof.

Alternate means of self-determination are running from the "box" and achieving goals by creativity and self learned talent.  The education, security, military and corporate complex of hand me down economics can only drive labor overboard with endless demands on the financial non-existence of the middle and lower classes.

Green canvassers this year are finding a greater interest in the Green Party.

Taxes and the shared burden are not exemplified by those who push the free market anarchy that has recently killed the economy and burdened the impoverished with greater responsibilities in supporting the rich lifestyle infrastructure.

Romney is going the way of the old guard in Russia, perhaps he should run from himself. He has become what he hates?

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R.D. Laing
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