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From Ben Carnes, I was tagged in a note and thought this was interesting to consider. I know there will be multiple factors involved, but it seems to be something people should be aware of. The author is a nutritionist. Thoughts anyone?

March 15, 2011 It looks like two or three of the reactors at Fukushima are in the process of melting down. In case you haven’t heard, reactor 1 literally blew up. I flew within several hundred miles of Tokyo last nite when we left Seoul, South Korea. It… was all over Seoul TV. American television is covering it up, but that won’t last for long. It is bad. Probably the worst disaster in history. And the fallout is heading beyond the greater Tokyo region and being pulled into the jet stream heading to the West Coast of America and Canada with Oregon and Northern California likely to get the worst of it. I put this together (as a guide) for members and all my friends: In light of the meltdown of Fukushima: How to protect yourself and your thyroid against radiation: kelp, ginseng, ashwaganda (recently found to regrow nerves), chlorella, zeolites, fulvic acid, nascent iodine, reishi mushroom, sea salt (also salty miso), botanical (plant-derived) or lipo-vitamin C, magnesium (chlorophyll), selenium (brazil nuts), coconut butter (coconut products), Megahydrate, Crystal Energy. Spread the word. Start small, but increase your dosages rapidly and dramatically if you live in Hawaii, Western Canada, and the Western USA. Start now. Fallout will descend upon North America sometime around March 22. If you live in Japan, start taking massive doses of these foods, superfoods, superherbs, and supplements immediately. These are all safe for children. Radioactive fallout lingers longest in medicinal mushrooms. If you live in North America, pick your mushrooms NOW. I wouldn’t recommend picking any medicinal mushrooms in the fallout zones (after the fallout begins) for several years, if not a decade depending on how bad the radiation is. If you live in North America, stock up on food NOW because fresh food may be contaminated for several months after the fallout comes down from the jet stream into the fallout zones. We all have to band together to stop nuclear power once and for all. All attention of all scientists should move to a total focus on free energy devices (solar, wind, implosion, etc.). David “Avocado” Wolfe

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