Thursday, September 10, 2009

From Ben Carnes Fasting In Lafayette Park For Leonard Peltiers Release and Meeting with the Great Black Father 09/10/09

I wanted to announce that on Wednesday afternoon, I ceased the liquid portion of
my fast due to dehydration. I had taken that as far as I could without
endangering my health. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, when I relieved my
self, I experienced a burning sensation and around Noon Wednesday, I began to
feel as if my kidneys were tightening up.

I made an attempt to contact a
physician, but after a period of time with receiving a response.
At 2:40 PM (Eastern), I consumed some liquids to hydrate myself. It was a
promise I made to Chief Tayac when he visited me at Lafayette Park. He told me
that day that I needed to hydrate myself. He said, ?You are a Chief! Don?t
you dare hit the ground! There are a lot of people depending upon you to be
here for them, and if you die what good would that serve them?? I assured him
that when my body told me that I was beginning to have problems, I would take
care of myself.

Still, I will continue to fast without food until 8:45 AM Saturday. I can assure
you that Leonard would appreciate and respect this decision. He has suffered so
much pain and loss of allies and relatives, that it would only grieve him had I
continued and possibly caused irreparable harm to my health.

My personal prayer will continue on, and I will continue to conduct myself in a
honorable and respectful manner befitting my position. I knew that when I
decided to publicly announce to that I am a Sun Dance Chief and would be taking
this course of action. I would open myself up to criticisms, but that in itself
is a sacrifice I willingly accepted. And there has been none, just messages of
respect and support. It was never my intention to promote myself, but to show
my love and support for my Sun Dance brother.

I had contacted Arvol Looking Horse about the possibility of coming to DC. He
could not since he already had an earlier commitment, but he supported what I
was doing and that he would support me through his prayers from over there. I
am very thankful to have those prayers from the Keeper of the White Buffalo
Calf Pipe in this way.

I know that there are many more people who have joined in this fast as an act of
solidarity for me and for Leonard. This simple course of action has aroused so
much supportive action from around the world. It has done so much more than if
we had tried to have everyone come to DC.

Many of you are organizing in your
communities and creating so much awareness everywhere and that is so important.
The results of this prayer and sacrifice may not be immediately, I feel
something is taking place on a larger spiritual level and we will need to keep
that in mind in all that we do for Leonard. We know that we will prevail, and
it would have been difficult without your support.

Send your cards and letters to Leonard. Let him know how your event went and let
him know that we are all here for him and that we will continue to do all we can
to bring him home.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

Ben Carnes

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