Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nuclear Overall Costs are Abysmal

Everyone thinks it is cheaper but the overall costs to produce nuclear fuel and the contamination hazards throughout the production cycle are not so innocuous.

I would think that if the tax payers were made aware of the costs to them via subsidies from start to decommission costs (in the billions) they would swear off beyond recall. Every nuclear plant has increased costs to the consumer and then there are the stranded costs.

It was reported yesterday that California Edison was purchasing 726 MW from Solar MIllenium.

Let's move into the future and stop living under the fear of another nuclear catastrophe waiting happen.

I have no trust in someone who plays with fire then claims the chances are small. If it goes wrong, we would NEVER recover.

It would take 10 years till completion and the billions invested for a penultimately DIRTY technology could be better spend on renewable infrastructure.

The quote for insuring americans with health insurance was a billion or so? How about the Billions spent in Iraq? Now billions for this?
We can't afford it.

Last but not least, the fear of a catasrophe is enough to relegate this primitive technology to the pages of history. One incicdent is avoidable if it is NOT built.



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R.D. Laing
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