Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scientific Vs. Anecdotal Evidence, Pork and Disease, Factory Farms

We as individuals must make the daily deliberations that affect our society as a
whole. We need to make them intelligently and based on sound etiology.

We cannot be beholden to the a priori assumptions of science or religion. That
being said, it involves us educating ourselves beyond those, who with degrees
and bully pulpits, tell us that which is antithetical to reality and sound

Not with a loud voice but with the murmur of the daily task at hand do we affect
the world in small ways, brick by brick, mouthful by mouthful.

See ProgressOhio Article:
For The Cause Of The Swine Flu Outbreak, Look First To Factory Farms

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R.D. Laing

R.D. Laing
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