Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama And Keeping the Republicans Out Of The Kitchen

Well mom just made your favorite dessert and it is sitting on the counter cooling.

If you dare reach over and try to touch it you will be chided into waiting till later.

Well as the republicans have had their way with things for the last 8 or so years, we realize that the cake of peace and international progress lay in the restraints of the diplomacy of international support.

We can not let that be disturbed.

Hopefully there will be no time when it will:
when the fruition of it gives way to a planetary peace.

An international tribunal elected democratically would disallow ANY extrajudicial killing as in war or international espionage. This will require an international police organization and much restaint on behalf of all nations.

It would be the end the attacks of the predator aircraft, unilateral attacks from one country to another and restraint on all sides.

Essentially this framework has been in place in the United Nations and the Geneva convention. It will take leadership to maintain this bulwark of civilization that has been compromised by this last U.S. administration.

Can we, in the United States, revive the planetary good will in favor of a planetary peace?

Yes we can.

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R.D. Laing

R.D. Laing
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