Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wake Up And Save Your Country, Turd Blossom Lectures

Turd poster Wake Up and Save Your Country

A band of creative patriots devoted to fair elections & activating Americans with humor present:

Part One of the
"Turdblossom Lectures."

A six-minute satire about Karl Rove and democracy.

(click our poster to watch)

Voices by Jim Ward
from the
Stephanie Miller Show &

Have a laugh on us (& Karl) and then take action to protect your vote & our democracy!

1. EVERYONE check your registration. (A warning from RKF Jr. below)

2. See if your friends & family are registered, too.

3. Share our movie & info about Turdblossom's Plan with everyone.

"There are about 30 scams the republicans are deliberately using,
particularly in the swing states to get democratic voters off the rolls."

Sheri w/Turdcover Learn more about the research behind our film from our resident Investigative Opinionist
Sheri Leigh Myers.

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our favorite

"An essential read for those who care enough to participate in their own lives."

Janeane Garafalo

CMI Cover

A comprehensive and really fabulous looking guide to making sure your vote counts, and our election is fair.

DOWNLOAD the guide from our site, print our cool b&w version and share it all with fellow Obama supporters.

so you won't get cheated on 11/04/08.

Cheated cover
If you DON'T know what happened in Ohio in 2004, you really need to get this - a nonfiction graphic novel that narrates the true story of the ordinary heroes who fought for a fair election after the election. A cautionary tale.

When the election is over, if the results are bizarre, what can citizens do?
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