Thursday, April 10, 2008

Defcon McCain Finds No Peace :( Interventionists Are US

See all the death and intervention failure the U.S. has wraught.
They say let the Dems have it and show how they can fail and yet we have had 8 years of the ultimate failure of social and economic progress ever recorded in civilization to date.

We need to stand up for peace and withdrawal our military financial support because America needs to save itself. We are hurting badly and it is hurting the rest of the world.

We have become a military socialist nation. So many live a military lifestyle and buy that party line so they and their families can survive. What a pity.

From an election rights advocate:

" Let's have fun with the new name for Diebold. Premier, I mean, before
it is taken over by the defense contractor with ties to McCain (good
business move to cut out the middle man).

The electronic registration system is called DIMS--is that Data
Information Management System? Or Diebold Information Management
System? Let's call it Premier Information Management System, or PMS
for short. Then we can refer to the "glitches" when names are not to
be found of voters, or voters have multiple voter ID's assigned (which
has happened in both OH and in NV, to name two states) --we can say
the system is PMSing."

McCain United Technologies - $570,000

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