Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ham Operators Came out in Droves, Waiting To Serve More Than You Know.

It's the first test of the severe weather alert in Ohio and they came out in droves on the ham radio to show their support for their community. There were people amswering to the requests of a female operator coordinating many for over a half hour.

There were firefighters, police officers, EMA coordinators and of course just the average Joe doing their bit in case there was a real emergency.

I am proud of my fellow americans and how they showed that they were ready and willing to give a hand when needed. We are not alone. We are ham operators. It is the ultimate in free chat.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well then, so much for every tax payer left behind

Perhaps it is a sign of the times when working families cannot support their children with a decent quality of education at enormous costs.

Strickland's latest escapade with the new lottery machines (for education....oxymoron?) are another sign that perhaps he has given up on a real solution to education funding in the state of Ohio.

Can the republicans offer a solution? No, they want to privatize schools as an experiment that has failed in Ohio. There is no solution for public education in Ohio at this point. This is a tragedy of leadership here. Pinning hopes on chance is a lousy excuse for progress.

We are left pandering to corporate interests looking for tax breaks and gambling.

Pathetic Ohio.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

No More Cameras In Columbus

Mayor Coleman proposed a new system of cameras to watch the populace of Columbus. What does this show?

Have we failed as a society in that we have to relegate our responsibility to our fellow citizen to a machine?

This is not good public policy in that we must plant the seeds to a future society where:
1. each individual is not thrown to isolation
2. where they lose perspective as to their place in our society that cause them to commit crimes of frustration and cause harm to all of us because our lack of attention.

Prevention is the best medicine.

It is better to spend this money on community support for all citizens and understanding the way to a new paradigm of social support that could set the stage for progressive community government into the next millennium.

This is generally apparent in eastern societies to some extent but even there, it needs further development and refinement.

Let's look at society as being us, we need to be healed, we need not to get bombed, we need others to bring US out of isolation.

R.D. Laing

R.D. Laing
Speaking on Autonomy