Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Question to Brunner Via radio show from Philly

question to Brunner Via radio show from Philly, http://mysite.verizon.net/resq4lzq/cvi/index.html
Ohio HB3 passed the republican legislature. This bill contained a provision that allows counties to cage votes. The republican party got caught and prosecuted for this years ago. From an article on this subject linked below:
"Litigation arising from voter caging and challenges will be discussed during the survey of state
challenge campaigns and in a detailed litigation section that follows. The Democratic National
Committee and state Democratic parties fought against illegal caging and challenge campaigns by
the GOP in state and federal courts. Two of the most important cases stemmed from GOP caging
efforts in New Jersey during the 1980's and led to consent decrees that are still in effect. Under
the consent decrees, the RNC has agreed to restrictions to bring its activities into compliance
with the Constitution and federal law. As the RNC has pointed out in subsequent lawsuits, only
the RNC is bound by the decrees, not the state Republican parties."
How do you plan to address this in your plans to protect the voter?

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