Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kucinich Generosity For Iowa Caucus Votes Put Obama Over The Top

Did Kucinich generosity for Iowa Caucus votes put Obama over the top?
Moyers and Kucinich video

There are no statistics saying that Obama could have done it by himself because the flux of individual decision motivation cannot be measured.

As well as there are no precise statistics saying how many votes Kucinich could have gotten. See XLS spreadsheet (alas from 2004) and another account on the ground there

Is there Anyone in Iowa who knows this fact? There is an eyewitness and their story is telling. See

Please leave a comment here on your knowledge of the Kucinich numbers that may have gone to Obama

How many caucus goers were originally voting Kucinich?

Then there was thanks to Kucinich from Obama and nothing from Edwards on Obamas "success".

Keep in mind Obama voted for the election results from Ohio putting Buch into office.
This was the infamous recent Boxer rebellion. see

Hillary also voted for the results as well. And well Edwards, he was one of the victims as well as the Iraqis and the soldiers who have died since. And those who have suffered irrevocable harm from the Bush administration in Katrina/Rita recovery mismanagement.

Why was Musharif not allowing the international election observers in before Bhutto's death? What were the documents she was going to get to the U.S. congres persons? Kenya?

The CIA has a history of stealing elections in foreign countries. And the U.S. tax payer dollars supported the Pakistan military when they had Bhuttos father murdered, has anything changed?

No, it hasn't. This is the ongoing signature of the facist retrograde motion into the future, going no where positive for the sake of humanity.

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