Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Grace Lee Boggs Chooses Kucinich

Again, another great interview with Grace Lee Boggs. (For the full interview see
I noticed on the DemocracyNow/Google site that she had been inteviewed several times by Amy.
Grace was also featured by Bill Moyers Journal.
Ms. Boggs of oriental, descent, married an Afro-american activist and was involved in the civil rights movement early on.
Grace was an amazing woman who inspires from amazing times. Though she was not close to Dr. King, she did know Malcom X and was quiet torn on the path to civil justice on whether violence was an answer. She had learned well from Dr. King because already, so much violence existed and obviously solved nothing.
There are many who have experienced a great deal in the "progressive" movement in the past that we can learn from.
another is Bill Mandel, another unsung hero.
AMY GOODMAN: We're talking to Grace Lee Boggs. She is in Detroit, Michigan. You are not usually deeply involved in electoral politics, yet here you are deeply believing in the significance of what's happening this year. What has changed? And did you ever have hope in other electoral years, in other presidential—times of presidential elections?
GRACE LEE BOGGS: I've never had this much hope. I've never had—because I think this one is unique. You know, policy-wise, I think Dennis Kucinich is much more on the right track. In fact, I support him. But he does not have that particular combination of a Kenyan father and a Kansas mother that can help unleash different energies. You know, sometimes—he can't help it, of course, but sometimes it takes a certain person to do that. And I don't think—it's not—to me, it's not so important, the electoral politics. How they will develop, I don't know. But when I felt that energy of young people, and I feel it around here, and I think of what Fanon said about each generation emerging out of obscurity must define its mission and fulfill or betray it. We're living at one of those tide times.

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