Monday, October 22, 2007

Top US Air Force official 'suicided' as Iran war nears

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that American War Leaders have ‘suicided’ one of their Top US Air Force Officials Charles D. Riechers as the rift growing between the US War Leaders and their Top Military Officers over a nuclear attack on Iran appears to be nearing open warfare.

According to Western propaganda media sources, Charles D. Riechers was ‘found dead of apparent suicide’ after coming under the scrutiny of the United States Senate for alleged payments being made to him by the Commonwealth Research Institute, whose parent company is Concurrent Technologies, and which is headed by the secretive Neocon financier of America’s top War Leaders, Daniel R. DeVos. [Note: Daniel R. DeVos frequently refers to himself by his middle name Richard and is not to be confused with the American billionaire Dick DeVos]

These reports to the Kremlin, however, state that Mr. Riechers’ ‘suicide’ was, most likely, due to his involvement in the American Neocon plot to secret US nuclear missiles outside of the control of the US Air Force to be used for an attack upon Iran, and which we had previously reported on in our September 20th report titled "American Spy Satellite Downed In Peru As US Nuclear Attack On Iran Thwarted".

Such is the chaos in the American Military Establishment over their War Leaders plans to attack Iran the US Military is said to be close to ‘open revolt’, according to these reports and as we can read as verified by German media sources:

"In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, the Amsterdam-based military historian Gabriel Kolko talks about the prospect of war with Iran and argues that many in the US military now view the White House as being 'out of control.'

So concerned with the American military calling their own War Leaders ‘out of control’, President Putin, currently on an official state visit to Iran, has ordered Russia’s Strategic Nuclear Bombers on ‘full alert’ and ordered them to begin World-Wide ‘exercises’ for the rest of the month of October.

To the depths of depravity that the United States has fallen to, no less than Americas most ‘trusted’ news source, The New York Times, this week compared themselves to last centuries Nazi Empire, and as we can read:

"Our humanity has been compromised by those who use Gestapo tactics in our war. The longer we stand idly by while they do so, the more we resemble those “good Germans” who professed ignorance of their own Gestapo. It’s up to us to wake up our somnambulant Congress to challenge administration policy every day. Let the war’s last supporters filibuster all night if they want to. There is nothing left to lose except whatever remains of our country’s good name."

In the madness of war and horrific destruction being visited upon the Muslim peoples of the World by the United States, and its dwindling allies, it is interesting, but sad, to note how far these once free people have fallen in barely 100 years from their truest ideas as a new war with Iran looms before them, and as we can read:

"As President Theodore Roosevelt said in his 1906 State of the Union address, "No man can take part in the torture of a human being without having his own moral nature permanently lowered."

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Nov. 2 Event at the State House, Columbus, Ohio

The date for this is Friday November 2, 2007 with two Columbus, Ohio events.

Mourning in the Mourning, Mourning at Noon...
11:30 a.m. Eulogy at the Statehouse, 56 High St., sidewalk at the McKinley Statue.
Noon - Funeral Procession starting at the Statehouse, proceed to Attorney General's office, Secretary of State office, and Franklin County Board of Elections office, then back to the Statehouse. Finish by approximately 1:30 p.m.
These three offices have been informed we are coming and would like to speak with someone as we arrive, preferably Secretary Brunner, Attorney General Dann, and Director Matt Damschroder. If they are not available, we look forward to someone from their staff briefly speaking with us. At each office, one or several voting stories will be told.

and Mourning in the Evening...
A Wake For Democracy... at Victorians Midnight Cafe
251 W. 5th Ave. (at Neil Ave.)
7:00 p.m.
Speakers and Music, Members of the Public with voting stories urged to come and share. Affidavits available to record voting stories.

Sponsored by the Ohio Election Justice Campaign.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oct, 2007 Columbus mayoral candidate linked to scandal

By Dr. Bob Fitrakis

Search on Todd in does not pan out.

Republican candidate for mayor of Columbus William Todd has direct ties to two controversial election organizations that are linked to the White House scandal surrounding the firing of U.S. attorneys.

Todd, an attorney at Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP, is challenging Columbus' first African American Mayor Michael Coleman in this fall's election. Between 1993 and 2006, Todd served as an attorney at Squire, Sanders & Dempsey whose website stated that, "Mr. Todd served as litigation counsel in these election matters for groups such as the Free Enterprise Coalition, the American Center for Voting Rights and the Ohio Republication Party."

The Free Enterprise Coalition (FEC) and the American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR) emerged as key players in the Bush administration's voter suppression plan in the 2004 presidential election. Financing from the FEC funded a racketeering charge against grassroots voter registration groups including the NAACP. The ACVR is widely regarded as a fake voting organization created to repress minority and poor voters in urban area while perpetuating the myth of "voter fraud" among Democratic voting blocks.

The Squire, Sanders & Dempsey website also showed Todd as general counsel for the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and its affiliated Citizens for a Strong Ohio (CSO). In 2005, the Ohio Election Commission fined the CSO for operating illegally as a Political Action Committee (PAC) and making illegal corporate expenditures to influence Ohio Supreme Court races.

The CSO was also linked directly to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In a legal complaint against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, election rights attorney Cliff Arnebeck exposed the fact that the Chamber had illegally moved $14 million in funds to Republican Supreme Court candidates between 2000-2004, to take over the highest court in Ohio. The role of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove and the Bush White House needs to be explored in more detail.

Brad Friedman of Bradblog, an expert on the ACVR, pointed out that Todd's connection to the ACVR would likely be enough to sink his candidacy. "Even the mainstream media is paying attention now," he said. It will be interesting to see if the Columbus Dispatch reports on Todd's connections to voter suppression groups and his ties to the U.S. attorney scandal.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Funeral For The 2004 Election


original from the Columbus Dispatch
Posted by James Nash, Statehouse reporter on October 10, 2007 11:38 AM

When a group of voter-rights activists holds a "funeral procession" to mark the three-year anniversary of the 2004 election that they believe was tainted, they'll be making a stop at the office of Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann.

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign, which alleges that President Bush won Ohio in 2004 because of numerous irregularities, is accusing Dann of failing to follow up on campaign promises to investigate problems in the balloting.

Specifically, the group points to video of Dann, a Democrat, addressing voter-rights activists at Columbus State University before last year's election for attorney general. In the video, Dann says he'll take seriously any evidence of improprieties in that election and even will convene a grand jury and bring charges if merited.

Dann seems to have changed his tune, said Paddy Shaffer, founder of the Ohio Election Justice Campaign.

"No one is being held accountable," she said. "How can you not speak to the public about something this serious? This is not a trivial matter -- this is the theft of a U.S. presidential election."

Dann spokesman Leo Jennings III said his boss never vowed to bring indictments or prosecute the overseers of the 2004 vote. Rather, the attorney general wants to look at lessons of that election cycle to ensure that the 2008 election is conducted with the utmost integrity, Jennings said.

"We're certainly going to look at what happened in '04 to see what needs to happen in '08," he said. "If we see something that needs to be brought to the attention of a prosecutor, or for us to handle under our powers, we'll do it. We don't have any (evidence) in front of us."

Shaffer said her group plans a funeral march on Nov. 2.

Posted by James Nash, Statehouse reporter on October 10, 2007 11:38 AM
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

Marc Dann, Attorney General, State of Ohio

Jennifer Brunner, Secretary of State, State of Ohio

Colleen Brown, Executive Assistant, Attorney General, State of Ohio

Chris Nance, Assistant Secretary of State, State of Ohio

Kellye Pinkleton, Voting Rights Institute, Office of the Secretary of State, State of Ohio

October 8, 2007

Dear Marc Dann, Jennifer Brunner, and Staff,

We at the Ohio Election Justice Campaign write to you today to let you know that the need for a public meeting between the offices of the Ohio Attorney General, the Ohio Secretary of State, and our group has only increased as time has passed. The subject for this requested meeting is the theft of the Ohio 2004 general election and subsequent election law violations.

We are in receipt of the letter from Assistant Secretary of State Chris Nance, which informs us that although he has reviewed all election violation materials provided to the Secretary of State’s office, Secretary Brunner will not meet with us. After 62 days, we still have not received a response from Attorney General Marc Dann’s office.

Our request for this meeting remains in place, and will remain until we have met, or until the violations of election law issues we raise have been resolved.

As we count the days, it has now been 62 days since the original request to meet was made.

We are asking for a dialogic, productive, citizen meeting with you, our elected officials.

We still ask for a meeting of three hours. During the first hour, our speakers will present their grave concerns about the Ohio elections, and for hours two and three, we ask that your offices address these concerns by explaining your investigation of election law violations, the legal prosecution of these violations, and how your offices are providing a way for the public to follow the progress on these issues.

Our national group, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign, continues to grow, as does the research we gather on Ohio election problems. We are from across this nation, with expertise in diverse fields, and when our knowledge of elections is combined, we are thoroughly monitoring Ohio, the nation, and, sometimes, the world.

As the weeks pass, the number of legal election issues needing resolution looms larger, not smaller. The longer we wait, the more we will need to ask you, our elected officials, to do, and do quickly.

We can relax and go back to our normal lives only when the people elected to represent and protect the citizens in this state, and across the nation, are the people we actually elected, and that those elected enforce the laws.

As our elected public officials, you were supported by the people of the State of Ohio and elected to office based on the positions you took and the campaign promises you made before you were elected.

Rather than more broken promises, as reported today by The Columbus Dispatch in regards to Attorney General Marc Dann and the gaming industry, we urge you to keep true to your positions and your promises on the profound issues raised by election law violations. Our most cherished and fundamental Constitutional rights are at stake here.

Please look at the campaign promises section at Attorney General Marc Dann is on video promising that he will address election law violations. We are not just saying what we remember, as did the people in the above-mentioned article, we heard him then.

We can still hear the promises, both on video and in our memories, that Marc Dann and Jennifer Brunner would, without hesitation, compromise, or equivocation, address the unparalleled attack on our democracy that was the Ohio 2004 general election, and that they would swiftly move to address ongoing election law violations.

We ask that you keep your promises and uphold the laws of Ohio and the U.S. Constitution on both current and past issues. Until then, the citizens continue to do the only thing patriotic citizens of the United States can do: we work to ensure that one day we will have honest elections and the rule of law. It is the right thing to do.

We will also be asking for meetings and action with a smaller focus on one or several election law violations at a time with your respective offices. This does not mean that the larger agenda we have asked you to address is forgotten, nor the need for the larger group meeting abandoned. It simply shows our keen desire to get at least some accountability from the people who have violated our rights to fair and honest elections.

We are open to your willingness to work with us, your willingness to restore the rule of law in Ohio, and any suggestions you may have on how to move this process forward. We will also continue to count the days for the requested Brunner/Dann meeting. Progress is progress. We welcome it in big and small ways.

Sincerely Concerned,

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

Contact Person:

Paddy Shaffer

Founder, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

(614) 761-0621

cc: AG & SOS Staff

Jessica Utovich, Scheduler for AG Marc Dann

Bobbie Gilbert, Executive Assistant for SOS

Erin Duffy, Scheduler for SOS Jennifer Brunner

cc: The Ohio Election Justice Campaign (please note the updated list)


Patricia Axelrod, Nevada Elections Activist, Director of the Desert Storm Think Tank and Veterans' Advocate, weapons system analyst and military scientist for peace

Karla Van Bibber, Observer for the Five Candidate Election Observer Project 2006, witness to election crimes, investigator of election crimes.

Blair Bobier, J.D., Green Party Recount Media Director

Tim Carpenter, Founder and National Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, PDA

Clint Curtis, Candidate US House of Representatives – Florida, Whistleblower

Adele Eisner, Cuyahoga County Elections Activist,

Gary Flowers, Black Leadership Forum

Brad Friedman, Investigative journalist

Bev Harris, Investigator, author, BLACK BOX VOTING,

Paul Harmon, J.D., Licking County, 2004 Ohio Judge candidate.

Pate Hudson,

Dr. Peter Jones, 2004 Recount Observer - Green County, and citizen journalist

Ken Karan, J.D., Co-Founder Psephos

Tim Kettler, 2006 Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, witness to rigged Coshocton County 2004 recount, Secretary for Ohio Green Party

Paul Lehto, J.D., Election Law Attorney, Co-Founder Psephos

Sheri Myers, Elections Activist, Co-organizer of the Winter Freedom Bus Ride, Author of CHEATED!, a graphic novel,

Victoria Parks, Election Investigator, Musician,,

Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D., Ohio Election Fraud Investigator, Author, Musician, Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

Paddy Shaffer, Artist, Ohio Elections Investigator, Founder of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign and Artists Creating Justice, Director of Candidate Election Observer Project 2006, Fitrakis for Ohio Governor Campaign Manager, former candidate U.S. House of Representatives Ohio 12th District, Writer and Photographer Free Press,

Green Party 2004 Recount County Coordinator for Delaware County, CASE Ohio, J30,

Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

Lynn Landes, Landes Report,

Jon Craig, Cincinnati Enquirer

Evan Davis, Pacifica Radio and co-producer of Pacifica's 2006 10-part series on elections, "Informed Dissent".

Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

Michael Collins, Scoop Independent News,

"Scoop" & EFN , &

Justin Jeffre, Publisher and Writer, Cincinnati Beacon

Documentary Filmmakers and Photographers:

Richard Ray Perez, Producer “Why Ohio Counts”

Mary Beth Brangen & Jim Heddle, Producers, "Help America Vote on Paper," "Got Democracy," "A Little Light'll Do Ya, Defending Democracy in America," "Vote Rigging 101"

Matt Kraus, Producer, “How Ohio Pulled It Off

Jeff Kirkby, Voices of Cleveland and Beyond Video Productions LLC

Stephen Caruso, Free Press

Invited (monitoring issue), Not Confirmed:

Ian Urbana, New York Times

Special Guests:
Jennifer Alexander, Poll worker and supporter of election reform

Rady Ananda, Ohio Elections Activist, Legal Investigator

Lorraine E. Bieber, League of Young Voters,

Ellen H. Brodsky,

Mark Brown, Founder Congressional Policy Forum, Ohio Election Activist, former candidate US House of Representatives

Bill Buckel, former candidate for US House of Representatives, Elections Activist

Stephen Caruso, Independent producer for ACTV, Volunteer for Free Press, A.S., Computer Science, Certified Electronics technician

Marj Creech, Ohio Elections Investigator, Minister,, J30, and CASE-OH

Peace General Bruce Duncanson, Ohio Elections Activist, Peace Army General since 1983, Hand Counted Paper Ballots at the Precinct Supporter, 2006 Election Observer,

Sherole Eaton, Former Deputy Director of the Hocking County Board of Elections, Whistleblower

John Gideon, Co-Director and Information Manager for VotersUnite!

Connie Harris, Ohio Election Activist

Jo Anne Karesek, Ohio Election Activist, CASE Ohio

Gloria Kilgore, Voter Rights and Community Activist, Director of Help Ohioans Vote: One Stop ID Service Initiative

Marian Lupo, J.D., Ph.D., Ohio Election Protection Coalition

Pat Marida, Sierra Club

Andrew Miller, Ohio Elections Activist

Jason Parry, Ohio Election Activist and Investigator

Anita Rios, Ohio Green Party, former Lt. Governor candidate

Jane Schiff, Ohio Election Activist

Jamia Shephard, Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005

Danny Stanton, Ohio Elections Activist, CASE Ohio

Nudge Squidfish, Musician and poll worker

Leatrice Tolls, Ohio Elections Activist, Rode on the Winter Freedom Bus Ride to DC on January 5-6 2005, Green Party recount coordinator for Portage County, Greater Cleveland Voter Coalition, 2004 Election Irregularities Hearing convener, E. Cleveland, and co-organizer of Ohio Election Teach In and Cuyahoga County Democratic Challenger

Holly Church Wendell, Poll worker, grandmother, gardener and Inniswood Botanical Garden volunteer, peace activist with Central Ohioans for Peace, social justice advocate/lobbyist and a wanna be potter.

Organizations in Support of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign:

Black Leadership Forum

Election Defense Alliance

Ohio Green Party

PDA, Progressive Democrats of America

Individuals in Support of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign:

David Earnhardt, Producer, director & writer, UNCOUNTED -

Mimi Kennedy, Chairwoman - Progressive Democrats of America

Andi Novick

Penny Little, Film maker

R.D. Laing

R.D. Laing
Speaking on Autonomy