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The Dog Ate My Homework Project

The Dog Ate My Homework Project
Bush and Cheney Stole Ohio Election
John Kerry and John Edwards sit silent?
Learn the County Election History and Help!

August 2007

With a minimum of 1,582,208 Ohio ballots lost or destroyed by Ohio's Boards of Elections in total disregard for the record retention schedule, and orders from US District Court Judge Algenon Marbley to protect them, it is time to ask the difficult questions about what has happened. Since no law enforcement agency has stepped in to investigate, the job continues to fall on the shoulders of Americans. Our work of taking a very detailed look into Ohio elections continues, with a focus on our STOLEN ELECTION OF 2004. A project has started as a result of the fury of Ohio Election Activist, Paddy Shaffer after reading the ridiculous "letters of explanation" provided to the Ohio Secretary of State, rather than providing her with the ballots, as ordered by the Judge.

The effort now started, is called "THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK PROJECT" (in reference to the lame excuses given), and this will be a version of "The People's Court", until or unless actual law enforcement folks, who have actual funding and resources, decide that stealing the Presidency of the United States warrants a look. They should be ashamed so far. Since stealing a loaf of bread could get a mother with hungry children harsh punishment, those of us paying attention in Ohio feel that stealing our election should matter, and matter a lot for every stinking hand that helped to pull it off. So it is now the time, and here is the chance for the American people to be the Judge, the Jury, the Court Reporter, the Prosecutor, and the Investigators. It is easy to do. Contact us with idea's for questions to be asked of the Boards of Elections. Report what you find back to us.

We want to provide some helpful hints on how to study any Ohio County that you are interested in, so you know some of its election history that might pertain to the research you collect for The Dog Ate My Homework Project. With this we seek to find out the truth about what has happened to Ohio’s missing 2004 election records. 56 of Ohio’s 88 counties are missing some or all of their 2004 election records. The excuses in the "county letters of explanation" only beg to have more questions asked. Fifteen offending counties did not even provide an excuse to the Secretary of State. There are forms all the Boards of Elections must fill out to dispose of or destroy records, in most of the counties we have now researched, the Board of Elections have not filed a single form in the last 15 years, or longer. Here are the counties, with no letter of explanation, and what they admit to be missing...

That includes

Columbiana, (unvoted ballots)

Coshocton, (unvoted ballots)

Darke, (unvoted & soiled ballots) (a soiled ballot is one that the voter ruined, and asked for a new one)

Lawrence, (unvoted, provisional, & soiled ballots)

Licking, (unvoted & soiled ballots)

Lorain, (unvoted ballots & ballot pages)

Madison, (unvoted ballots)

Miami, (soiled ballots)

Morgan, (unvoted ballots)

Noble, (unvoted ballots)

Summit, (unvoted ballots & ballot pages)

Tuscarawas, (unvoted ballots)

Wayne, (unvoted ballots)

Wood, (unvoted ballots)

Wyandot (soiled ballots & ballot pages)

Imagine being the detective to find out why?

We the people must ask them why, what happened, under what authority do you do these things. Since no one in an official capacity seems to be asking, “We The People” will step in and find out what happened to our ballots, our “Public Records”. Judge Algenon Marbley ordered these records to be safely maintained, and for the ballots to be turned over to the Ohio Secretary of State. Again I say, at a minimum, 1,582,208 (according to Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips)

ballots are now forever missing, which in this case are 1,582,208 pieces of evidence are gone.

This should matter to all Americans, regardless of party. This is just wrong! Is this 1,582,208 fourth degree felony charges? The Judge, in his September 11, 2006 ruling said it was a fourth degree felony, and he would hold those that did not abide by his ruling in contempt of court.

John Kerry and John Edwards need questioned too. What happened, why do they still sit silent. Did they read the books provided to them by Paddy Shaffer and Mark Brown with the evidence of the theft of the Ohio Election. If they didn't read them, why not? What could they do that would be more important? What does Al Gore think about it all?

If 2000, and 2004 were both stolen, how can these men sit silently and leave the gate open for election theft to visit our doors again? What the hell is happening here? If you talk to, or can call these men, provide us with the questions you posed to Kerry, and Edwards, and tell us their responses. It will be utilized in telling Ohio's story. Either they are part of the problem, or part of the solution, this is not something we can "GET OVER", nor should we.

The site for the Green Party’s 2004 Ohio Presidential Election Recount is

At this site you can go in and look at how the recount went in any county in Ohio. As you study the individual counties for your own research, or to assist with The Dog Ate My Homework Project, all the pieces of information weave the story together. Remember, they fought the recount. Delaware County set legal precedent by going to court to block the recount. As long as Delaware didn't recount, none of the other counties had to, until Judge Edmund Sargus ordered them to.

The Free Press has made available documents obtained by public record requests from the Ohio Secretary of State (SOS), Jennifer Brunner. This includes the inventory lists, letters of explanation (for not turning over records to the SOS), photos from some of the counties to explain why they didn’t send records, and more. That site is, (

As more important documents are gathered, they will be made available for viewing.

Please send Jason and Paddy your email address, and a phone number where we can reach you if you are willing to help. Send your answers to the project email ohballots@... , and also to Paddy Shaffer at

(614) 761-0621 and to Jason Parry at Send it to all three addresses. Jason will be putting data in spreadsheets and doing other things to make the data as useful as possible. If you learn anything really unusual or legally important, that you want to share, please call Paddy and share the story verbally also.

If you are able to make only one or a couple phone calls to one or two Ohio Boards of Elections, your assistance will help to make a difference. Please actually do something to address what happened in Ohio. This election fraud is of a cancerous sort, and it is spreading.

Thanks for your assistance,

Paddy Shaffer
(614) 761-0621

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