Monday, August 13, 2007

Karl Rove Retire? LOL The Devil Is Unleashed

This morning, Aug. 13, 2007, Steve Inskeep, on NPR, made a statement on how Karl Rove called republican higher ups, election day 2004, telling them to ignore exit polls.

Karl Rove was in Ohio that day with President Bush and Kenneth Blackwell. That same day, as reported by independent investigators ( ) it was noted that Ohio elections results servers were switched from Ohio and then originated from the same servers that the RNC had been using for various sites of their own interests, possibly including their emails.

(I have been told there are plenty of questionable emails, as well, from local Ohio republican officials questioning the authority of court ordered ballot retention in the state.)

Is this why Karl was so SURE the exit polls in 2004 needed to be ignored?

Since then many concerned individuals (see election section) have gone to many counties throughout Ohio and found, in fact, that their suspicicions were confirmed when hand counting ballots, checking signature books, and other investigative techniques uncovered the reality that Karl Rove's election results did not match reality on the ground.

There is a plethora of evidence there that Paddy Shaffer, Dr. Robert Fitrakis, Richard Hayes Phillips, Harvey Wasserman (and others) could attest and provide the facts to this happening. At this point, the Ohio attorney general has ignored the evidence these people have provided as proof and Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner also has slighted them by ignoring the urgency of the situation in light of the pending 2008 elections.

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