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RNC Servers Have Email And Ohio Election Results

This is a repost for from Daily Kos and Scoop. I think this relates to the current email debacle with the RNC. Smells fishy. I think so.

If the system needs a communication back bone and Karl and Bush were in Columbus in 2004 election day with Blackwell, how far do you have to go to a paint a picture?

Here is part of the KOS article:

"Is there significance to the fact that, on Tuesday
night, will correspond to the IP address that lies between Karl Rove's and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)? Just
one arrangment of odd bedfellows in that example click the link
to IP Block for other familiar examples such as Becki Donatelli-client,, or Ken Mehlman's They're all hot items right
now with each aimed capture the reader's vote."


"There is also the link between Blackwell and the media group that Ken Blackwell outsourced the design of the Election Night Project to Mike Connell
who is a GOP operative and the principal of New
Media Communications and GovTech Solutions. Their association may go back
as far as the George H. W. Bush era. Connell's long-established association in
the online political, campaign and fundraising arenas, in addition to his technological
expertise, made him a shoe-in for government and non-government services where
pay-to-play is the standard..

On April 7, 2000, Blackwell certified the woman-owned (Connelle's wife, Heather),
small business that Mike Connell spunoff of New Media Communication in order to
provide government contracting service.having a 'non-partisan' face. When Blackwell
stamped 'approval' on that incorporation, he'd previously approved the mergner
of DCI Group
and NewMedia Communications."

(Picture was here)

Yes, that is the same DCI Group that later employed New Hampshire phone-jammer,
James Tobin. So, including silent GovTech Solutions partner, Tom Synhorst,
was as partisan a ploy as had Mike been partner rather than registered agent..

>>>>>>end of Copy and paste of sections
There is RNC all over this thing and where is any real investigation?

This doesn't seem like anything new but then add the fact that fired Federal Attorneys were refusing to twist the voter fraud scam from the election fraud reality.

There are a lot of links here and it is a needing a lot of reasearch if you have time or vested interest in true democracy.

Root of Electronic Election Fraud in Ohio?!?!

Fri Nov 10, 2006 8:04 am (PST)

Ohio's live 2006 election results fed to GOP mirror server
On Election Day, November 7, 2006, ePluribus Media reported on
technology developed for live reporting of election results by the
Secretary of State of Ohio was programmed, hosted, and operated by
companies that are related to the Republican National Committee.

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