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Notoriously Historical Terrorist Groups Such As The KKK, Merit No Voice Or Free Speech

Any true leader would condemn these groups and legislate them out of existence.
Governor Strickland?
Would Christ turn his back on such injustice?
This IS TERRORISM in The United States
and it is sanctioned by OUR Governement?

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The Cincinnati Beacon

Cincinnati NAACP Demands Regarding Upcoming Nazi March
Monday, April 09, 2007

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

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In the following letter to the Mayor, City Council, and the County Commissioners, recently elected president of the Cincinnati NAACP, Christopher Smitherman, issues demands concerning the upcoming Nazi march through Over-The-Rhine. Smitherman questions why it took so long for anyone to be notified of the Nazi march. He characterizes the Nazis as a terrorist group, and wonders whether any other supremacist groups have similar applications in the system.

April 9, 2007

Mayor of the City of Cincinnati
Cincinnati City Council Members
Hamilton County Commissioners

Public Officials:

Just before the Easter holiday, news was released that a white supremacy organization received a permit to walk through a predominantly African American neighborhood in Cincinnati on April 20, 2007. We were told that this permit was received and approved by the Cincinnati Police department months ago. The NAACP is very concerned about this situation. However, out of respect for the majority of its Christian members, the controversy was not allowed to overshadow the celebration of Resurrection Day. Today’s correspondence is the NAACP’s effort to be proactive in addressing a highly sensitive matter in conjunction with elected officials to prevent a dangerous escalation in the upcoming encounter.

The original white supremacy group has produced many offshoots since its inception. The Nazi group that requested a permit to march in Cincinnati is one offshoot. Since the 1800’s, these groups have targeted African Americans with acts of terrorism via beatings, rapes, murders, lynchings, arson of our homes, churches and business voter intimidation and many other fear tactics against Black men, women, and children. Given this history, our first demand is for City Council Members and County Commissioners to pass resolutions condemning the messages and actions of all white supremacy groups in our nation prior to anyone marching in our city.

The number one subject matter in the U.S. right now is terrorism. Police and armed forces across the country are charged with looking for and recognizing terrorists. Timothy McVey was a member/sympathizer of a white supremacy group and he was successful in his plan of destruction in Oklahoma. Our police officers profile citizens (Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, etc.) everyday for criminal and law-breaking activity. Hence, it is most interesting that the police department did not profile the person requesting the permit for April 20, 2007 as a possible terrorist before approving the permit request. Has the FBI been contacted to check and clear each person who intends to march?

The NAACP believes in free speech. However, we do not want our tax dollars used to provide police protection for a terrorist organization. Nor do we want our tax dollars used to oppress our constituents by subjecting them to verbal and possible physical intimidation in their own neighborhoods. The NAACP demands that police protection not be provided to the terrorist demonstrators at our taxpayer’s expense.

It is outrageous that African American leadership was not notified 24 hours after the permit was pulled. Instead, the community was notified approximately 14 days before the march was to occur. Delaying notification and providing police protection only substantiates the public perspective that the police, council, and commissioners really do lack sincere concern for African American citizens. The NAACP also demands 24 hour, written notification of similar permit requests/approvals. Also provide in writing whether any other permits have been pulled by any similar organization.

The local branch of the NAACP is not going to allow public officials to use our national convention to communicate to the world that civil rights for African Americans are protected in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is unacceptable for Cincinnati City Council and Hamilton County Commissioners to consent to the marching of a white supremacy group through the heart of one of our African American neighborhoods, Over-the-Rhine, with no institutional condemnation. There is no civility when a terrorist group pulls a permit and Black leadership is not notified for months nor when terrorists march under the umbrella of free speech with police protection.

Below is our good faith effort towards collaboration, resolution, and prevention. We will otherwise investigate alternative measures depending on your response to the following.

* Resolutions from City Council members and County Commissioners condemning the messages and actions of all white supremacy groups in our city prior to the scheduled march.

* No provision of police or deputy protection for the Nazi demonstrators, at tax-payer expense.

* Written notification to the NAACP within 24 hours of a permit of this nature being requested.

* Written notification to the NAACP regarding existing permit requests/approvals to organizations that use strategies for terrorizing African Americans.

* Clarification on the permit process.


Christopher Smitherman
President of the Cincinnati Branch of the NAACP

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