Monday, March 26, 2007

Anxiety And Clawing Make Bad Policy

With all the worlds troubles bending on the whim of the neocons in power, should we not recognize the fact that they are running in panic attack mode which means that they use no foresight in their actions and cost the lives of many unnecessarily?

When will the world recoginize this fact and slowly pry the power from their hands?

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Bird said...

smoochbeast: nightblooming_jazzbird .. I just asked a repuke in PL21 "tell me what Dubya did to prevent terorism BEFORE 911?"
railcar_hobo: So what, Brad.
nightblooming_jazzbird: LOL smoochie!
the_sage_never_wages_war: well...NOIT the true Mexico, the People... just the crappy government
dogmaphobicincali: brad...don't change the subject to south africa.
smoochbeast: he insulted me and iggied me for even ASKING such a thing!
dogmaphobicincali: speak about here
slate33: bradl: not at the moment, when will Rushar & chiner walk into the Americas, for resons of that 75% oil which the U.S.A as not
the_sage_never_wages_war: NOT*
mud_slide_slim2005: 325 mg oxymoron
nightblooming_jazzbird: that's priceless, smooch!

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R.D. Laing
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